Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Grueling Work Out!

Today started at 5:30. 
No more sleeping in: 
Summer is OVER!
While the coffee was brewing, I did Day #25 August Core Focus Challenge: two sets of 3 minute straight arm planks. Had a pre-workout snack (soy protein bar), and was off to the gym. After running hills, yesterday (yes, I know I shouldn't do hills before a track work out), I was a little tight, so I rolled (love TPTherapy). Next I did about 100 crunches, and about 75 push-ups.
After that I did four sets of eccentric load lunge drops
Eccentric Load Lunge Drops
& four sets of split-stance Zerchers, 
Split-Stance Zerchers
And then I did four sets of chest press, four sets of dips, and four sets of tricep kickbacks (love those).
Next stop: Home
By that time, I was starving. I ate a bowl of oatmeal,  finished my coffee, and got ready for my track work out. I'm gonna miss these morning track work outs. 
My Internship starts tomorrow. 
So, from now on, my track work outs will be Wednesday nights! Maybe that's why Coach made today's track work out a grueling tough one?
This summer was tough. 
I sat at my desk for 2/3 of the day doing homework for my Dietetic Internship. And now, it's going to be tough working all day, and going to the track at night. What's my alternative, though?
Today's work out started as usual:
Warm-up: Easy 1.5 miles.
Strides: Six 100 meter strides. (At 18 seconds. Yes - I am getting stronger! Woohoo!)
Then came the intervals ....
They were not that usual:
Twelve 300 meters intervals with a 100 meter jog. The first four sets: 6:40 pace, the next four: 6:30 pace, and the last four at 6:20 pace.
The guys from the UK that run the soccer camp for the kids were poking fun, "Ahahaha. Coach has finally got you winded! Hey (hahahahaha) you're REALLY winded!"
Ha-Ha: NOT
I was so sucking wind! Forget jogging that last 100 meters - I was just concentrating on simpler things like breathing and staying alive.
After the intervals, I got my "Golden Ticket"/homework for the next week:
Absolutely better than the
American Idol Golden Ticket!
After, I ran an easy 1.3 mile cool down. I ended with more foam rolling, lots of stretching, and four sets of 90 minutes of traditional planks (day #29 of the August Core Focus Challenge). They were the topping on the cake! I really struggled through them.
I loved today's work out, even though it was grueling. 
It was a sort of a farewell to my summer work outs!
Are you switching gears as summer winds down?
Do you have any tough grueling workouts that you love (but secretly hate)? (And if you say burpees, I totally agree!)
Train Smart Today!
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