Sunday, August 4, 2013

August Core Focus Challenge

Download the Challenge Loop App, and join me in this Core Challenge:

Everybody likes great abs - and you need a solid core to hold yourself together when you're logging those long miles! I learned about this on Running With Attitude. I do about 200 ab/core exercises a day. I'm obsessed with abs! I love doing them.
I use them as my warm-up before I go out for a run. 
Today, I don't know why, I did the Core Challenge, Planks, after my 14 miles. Wow! Talk about rough! It was good, 'cause I foam rolled before I went for my long run, and didn't do core, so the challenge kept me dedicated, in spite of the fact that I was pretty tired after my run. It's a great motivator!
Work that Core!
Yeah there are prizes, $100 to 5 peeps to PacSun, but even if there weren't any prizes, it's a fun motivator. 
Have you ever entered a challenge like this before?
Did you ever win anything?
I never did anything like this before!
Train Smart Today!
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