Thursday, August 8, 2013

Food Facts: Five Strategies for Weight Loss

I just got off the phone with my Sissy ...
Of course she is doing the AbChallenge with me!
And yes, we did commiserate over Day 5!
I did six sets: one minute of both X 3, with a 1-minute rest in between!
I also got back from getting my haircut.
It was getting on my nerves, so I took a couple inches off.
Picture to come ....
All day, it seemed people were talking weight loss.
One who completely stopped eating carbs ... why would you do that?
Another incorporating protein powders in their smoothies. And so I ask ...
Do you work out for more than an hour each day?
Have a chronic illness?
Frequently eat poorly?
The answer: "No." 
So, I don't get it ...Why the protein powder?
And another, who really does need to lose weight.
This got me thinking about Five Strategies that I've heard & are worth talking about. First, though, some basics. I volunteer for the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics SCAN Group (Sports, Cardiovascular and Wellness Nutrition), and we just posted this to Linked In:

Now for the Five Strategies:
  1. YOLO Guide: When you go out to eat, put YOLO (You only live once) aside. It is not time for a food frenzy. Just because you go out to eat doesn't give you the right to wreak havoc on your body. Men: Strive for a 2 drink limit. Women: Strive for a one drink limit. GASP! Think of it this way: Water doesn't cost as much - put some lemon in it if your that desperate.
  2. Dining Out Portion Guide: Ask your waiter for a take away container when you put your order in. Okay, so you say, "Screw #1!" You're going for that 10 oz Porterhouse steak! Well, sloooooow down. You can get that, but remember page #4 in the 10 simple steps? A serving of beef is only 3 oz! What if you took that 10 oz steak, cut it in 1/2, and put half in the take away container? You can have the other half as a left over the next day! I know you're not eating 3 oz, but you're also not eating 10 oz. You get to eat what you like, but you are learning how to manage your portion sizes. Next stop: 1/2 of those mashed potatoes or french fries ...
  3. Tastebud Kids: Treat your taste buds like they are four year old children. Would you give your 4 year old a 1/2 gallon of ice cream? Would you give your 4 year old cart blanche on that bag of chips, cookies, or bag of candy? Heck no! So tell your taste buds, "Hold on there, you can't have that right now. You just ate ... breakfast, lunch, or dinner." Tell them, "You are not the boss of me." And if you must, and can control yourself unlike a kid in the candy store, go ahead and have one serving, but read the Nutrition Facts, and know what that serving size really is!
  4. Post-it: That's right. You got a weight loss or healthy eating goal - POST-IT! This way, when you come home from work, and go into that cabinet that has the "snacks you bought for the kids", your will STOP! Read your Post-it note: "Grab an apple!" or "Yogurt with some chopped walnuts and blueberries: STAT!"
  5. Manage your food & Start small: One person I was talking to today was telling me what they were going to eat for lunch. They bought some tuna and some veggies. For me, that would not be enough. This is the first day of their "diet". My advice: Don't go home hungry - because you know that cabinet with the "snacks you bought for the kids"? You're gonna just rip that Post It note off, and dive in. The stomach empties about every 3-4 hours. It wants to be full. It plays havoc on those four year old taste buds. You will set yourself up for failure if you do not eat. Let's face it, how is an apple gonna fill you up when you get home from work, if all you ate was  2 oz of tuna and 2 oz of string beans all day? Manage your food. Bring yogurt and some fruit to work, and stash it in the frig. If you're thinking, I'll never do that, then Start Small. Do it once a week for a couple of weeks. Then, do it twice a week for a couple of weeks, and so on and so forth. Before you know it, you have incorporated a healthy habit into your diet. Next, make your own tuna, with some chopped up veggies, like carrots, and add in some lemon to cut down on the mayo. Don't say, "I'll never do it" - Instead, Start Small. Who knows - you may be doing this twice a week next month!
Do you have any healthy eating strategies?
What works for you?

Train Smart Today!
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