Thursday, September 5, 2013

Three Things Thursday!

I'm doing the blog thing!
Three Things Thursday!
There's a first for everything!
#1) I set my daughter off on her college journey this past weekend. I'm like, 'Call me, sometime, okay?'
Daughter: Ahahahhaha! Yeah, right! 
Texting this many miles away is awkward, and unsatisfying: Waaaah! Sniffle, sniffle!

#2) I'm tired. I have been up until 12 midnight every night this week doing homework, laundry, dinner, and lunches for the next day. Somehow, I am managing to get my runs in, but I need to stretch more, and have been cutting it short. I'm feeling that tight pull at the bottom of my left foot - oh yeah, Ye Old Plantar Fasciitis thing-a-ma-jig! Could be that I also need new running sneakers. Talk about semi-barefoot running! I also need a pedicure desperately ...but I digress.
Actually, I think I just need more time.
Time is too elusive these days!
#3) I am in love with Jason Fitzgerald's Standard Warm-up. I've been including it in my pre-run routine, and feel like I just keep getting stronger & stronger! My times have improved a bit on my weekly runs. I also love his ITB Rehab video, especially the clam shells and iron cross.

Any stretching or warm-up routines turning you on lately?
Train Smart Today!
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