Friday, November 29, 2013

Post Thanksgiving! Go Sissy!

I miss reading all my blog friends' posts. I am so thankful I have gotten to know all of you. I love cheering on your training, and all of what is important to you - your family, friends, and pets. I hope this holiday season is a happy and healthy one for all of you!
It has been an unbelievably busy past few months. 
I am barely hanging on to my training, let alone my blogging.
Yesterday was my first run since Sunday!
And it was a great one.
I got up, stuffed and prepped a 21 lb turkey. Set the internal thermometer for 170*F and put that bird in the oven. I drank some coffee, beet juice, and 1/2 an energy/protein bar, and met my sister for the Ashenfelter Classic 8K. This race celebrates and honors Horace Ashenfelter's accomplishments and Olympic success. Horace lives in town, so it really is a "Classic" run.
Go Horace!
The Thanksgiving run is always great and
I love that it honors your accomplishments
Since Sissy and I both have Crohn's, I told her to meet me by the port-o-johns! :D
I told her we would warm up together - so I told her we would run four 100meter strides. After four, she was like, "Okay. Enough. I just want to run the race."
And that she did!
Last year, Sissy ran a 10+ minute mile pace. Not this year! She blew her time out of the water and ran a whole minute faster per mile! She rocked it!
Sissy and me!
So proud of my Sissy!
Celebratory Bloody's!
Of course!
Train Smart Today!
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