Sunday, February 2, 2014

Stop Stroke Shuffle: Won't you join me?

I love this:
I was reading Running with Attitude, and she posted a challenge:
Stop Stroke Shuffle
It's a virtual race posted by Dani at Weight Off My Shoulders
Dani is raising money for the American Stroke Association. Any one can run it - you can organize an "event" with some friends, or if you are like me and don't have running friends (because you can never commit to any particular time and squeeze in runs whenever) you can run it by yourself.
Just donate $25 to Dani so that she can raise money 
Tedy's Team in the Boston Marathon this year. 
Proceeds from the virtual race will go toward Dani's goal to raise $5,000!
I plan on running in honor of all the stroke patients and families that I have so generously been given the opportunity to help with medical nutrition therapy in my Dietetic Internship.
I'll never forget F.S. ... 
I hoped that I gave some comfort by rubbing your shoulder each time you winced with the electro-neuro-stim swallow exercises.
And the woman who finally passed her swallow test.
She was so elated that she could start eating real food again! She was so proud of herself - and I will never forget her smile!
Check out the American Stroke Association website.
Read the risk factors and how you can prevent a stroke.
And remember these signs and symptoms of a stroke:

Visit Weight Off My Shoulders and join me on this virtual run!
And ...
Train Smart Today!
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