Thursday, February 13, 2014

Weather Forecast: More Treadmill!

I'm lovin' my Diabetes Rotation!
First off, my preceptors are great! 
So, I get to work with two really cool women, who are smart and easy to approach and ask questions.
Second, the patients come to them. 
So, in the hospital you have about 10-15 minutes to talk to someone about managing their diabetes. A couple of months ago, I spoke with a patient who was in so much pain (MRSA on both amputated feet). I knew he didn't want to listen to me - heck I wouldn't have wanted to listen to me either!
But at the Diabetes Education Center,
the patients are interested, and want help. They WANT help! Woohoo! They spend about an hour or more with these great Diabetes Educators and leave armed with knowledge they can use to improve their lives and reduce their risk of heart attack, high blood pressure, nerve pain, kidney disease, loss of vision, and stroke.
Speaking of strokes, 
I ran my three miles for the Stop Stroke Shuffle today! I had to run it in on the tread mill. I had a good excuse ....
Oh, the weather outside is frightful!
Looks like we're getting 10 inches!
Aaaaagh! there's no place to put the snow. Northern New Jersey streets are small - there are mounds by each corner, which makes turning a corner treacherous these days. I've been going out at 7AM on the weekends to avoid traffic. And I still get knuckleheads playin' chicken with me! During the week, I've been running on the treadmill. I've tried to make it interesting. This AM, I started with a very slow 11minute warm-up mile, then ran the next three miles for the Stop Stoke Shuffle.
Stop Stroke Shuffle Run!
I ran the 3miles with 7:30 200-meter pick-ups every 1/4-mile, at a 1% incline. 
Not bad for a basement inferno run!
Looks slower than it felt!
I don't know why, but I cannot run that fast on the treadmill. All the articles I read say that you should be able to run faster on the treadmill because the belt is helping you move along. IDK, not me!
Do you run faster on the treadmill?
Well, hope you are all staying safe in this winter, and having a better time than me at finding roads not covered in ice and/or snow!
Train Smart Today!
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