Sunday, June 22, 2014

Five Food Habits Guaranteed to Put on Weight

Just finished my last rotation in my Dietetic Internship:
Staff Relief!
I got to act like a real Registered Dietitan!
The other day I stayed late at the hospital. A nurse came up to me, "Can you see Mr. So and So, Room 2323 - bed D? He's being discharged in the AM, everyone else went home - Can you go in and see him? He wants to talk to a nutritionist about his eating habits."
There are five habits that people have in common 
that lead them to say: 
'Why am I gaining weight?
I don't eat anything.'
These habits are:
#1) They don't eat breakfast
#2) They eat a light lunch
#3) They are starving when they get home from work or school
#4) They dine out more so than eating at home
#5) They drink their calories

#1) They don't eat breakfast: We've all heard it, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Breakfast is a great time to work in low fat dairy and fruit: milk in cereal - hot or cold - or yogurt, with banana, berries, or diced apple. Eating breakfast has been linked to ability to focus better, higher grades in school, and a leaner BMI (body mass index). One reason people who tend to skip breakfast are more likely to gain weight is because they are the ones who think:
"I can have another slice"
"I can have an extra helping" 
"I can eat that cake, cookie or desert"
 .... because I didn't eat breakfast today. 
Unfortunately, foods they replace breakfast with are less nutritious and higher in calories.

#2) The eat a light lunch ... and sometimes they don't even eat any lunch! At this point they are ignoring their body's signs of hunger and their body starts to go into starvation mode. When humans starve, their bodies try to preserve muscle mass. The more times the body thinks it's starving, the more efficient it's going to be at storing energy as fat. So the next time you eat, the body is going to store as many calories as possible as fat, high density energy - ready for the next time you decide to starve it!

#3) They're starving when they get home: students come home starving around 3pm and adults come home from work starving around 5pm. Of course they're starving - they hardly ate anything all day! This is the time anything goes: processed foods - ice cream, crackers, cookies, chips, and pretzels. And how do you you stop eating these foods if you're starving? Especially when they're made with ingredients that play on your senses? Plus, the portion that you eat when your starving is not going to be anywhere close to the recommended serving size - which could maybe fill a cavity - but definitely not a starving belly.

#4) They eat out. Remember habit #1?  Well if you don't eat breakfast, there's no reason not to order that deep fried appy, cream-based sauce on your entree, or decadent desert. And we all know restaurants give incredibly large servings. Did you know a serving of pasta is 1/3 cup? When was the last time you ordered pasta at a restaurant and got 1/3 of a cup? You'd feel like you were being ripped off - so, of course restaurant servings are large. Plus, you deserve to go out and eat whatever you want - you worked hard all day AND your starving - the perfect set up for indulging ...and gaining. Oh, and don't forget - those calories are gonna want to be stored as fat.

#5) They drink their calories: sugary-sweetened beverages, alcohol, juice - even smoothies. Anyone can suck down more calories in a few minutes than they could if they were eating something. And CAUTION: if your drinking something with high fructose corn syrup - like sodas, sweetened iced teas, and fruit drinks - or drinks with fructose - like fruit juice - they don't elicit the same response from insulin (controls blood sugar) and leptin (hunger hormone/ energy thermostat) like food does - so they leave you feeling hungry and unsatisfied soon after you drink them. And you wondered why Coke-a-cola and McD's go so well together! Unless your drinking a smoothie with fiber from the whole fruit and veggie, drinks are going to be absorbed quickly, empty out of your stomach fast, and leave you hungry and unsatisfied.
           Well, Mr So and So was grateful for the information I gave him
                                                  on a Heart Healthy Diet. 
I hope he can make a lifestyle change because as I told him: DIET is a four letter word, it's all about lifestyle. I hope he makes the change - so he doesn't have another heart attack 'cause that one might be the one that ends his life ...
                                   Train Smart Today!
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