Tuesday, July 29, 2014

NormaTec Recovery Boots are Awesome!

I recently started using the NormaTec Recovery Boots
and they are freakin' 
I was practically crippled after last week's repeats at the track: Five X 300 meters, then 5 X 100 meter hill repeats times TWO! I thought for sure I did some damage to my achilles - it was sore, stiff, swollen. I pushed it though, knowing that I would be putting the NormaTec Recovery Boots to the test.
Would they work? 
Or is this a gimmicky waste of time and money?
NormaTec Boots Sequential Pulse Technology
Recovery Power for Legs
They first fit the boot part onto your feet, position the leg section around your legs - up to your thigh/groin area. Next, they zip up the boots, and try different levels of pressure, so you feel a comfortable squeezing pressure.

I laid on the table for 30 minutes - studying for the New Jersey RD Exam  - 'cause God Forbid I go anywhere without squeezing in some study time!
Studying with NormaTec Recovery Boots
Aaaah the Summer of 2014!
It's not expensive - $20 a session, and I go once a week or less - depending on my need. If you have an opportunity to try them - I highly suggest you do. I literally walked out to the parking lot and started skipping to make sure I wasn't imagining their recovery power! My ankle and achilles felt great! In fact, I ran a hilly 14 miles on Sunday in a light, balmy drizzle averaging a 8:31 minute mile pace. Pretty good for someone who thought they wouldn't be able to walk after last Wednesday's track work out!
I'm going back today.
It's my last session before my 13.1 race 
in San Leandro, Ca on Saturday.
Have you tried NormaTec Recovery Boots?
What's your favorite Recovery Technique?
Train Smart Today!
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