Sunday, July 6, 2014

RD Eligible, Boise and my Achy Achilles

Finally, after many rotations, learning a different medical charting systems every few weeks, and spending countless hours researching, doing homework, and case studies ...
I am RD Eligible!
Over the last 10 months I spent many hours with patients who were struggling with their health. This brings an emotional compartment that is very heavy. Life is so very precious - and our health is so, so very important. No one really talks about how the sadness of seeing people struggle with their health effects the professionals working in hospitals. I have a completely different level of respect for doctors, but even more so, for nurses. Nurses are truly unbelievable people!

The graduation ceremony was great!
I was happy to share it with my children and my partner. I hope my kids take something with them from seeing all the hard work I put into trying to reach my goal to become a Registered Dietitian.

Just this past week, I received an e-mail:
I have been approved and authorized to sit for the State Registered Dietetics Examination! 
I have been studying 5 hours every day - and plan to sit for the exam in August.
I hope I pass!

On another note, my training for the New York City Marathon has been going so-so. 
I blew off my 14 mile run yesterday because I had some achilles pain after my track work out on Wednesday. I know enough to realize that the achilles tendon is not something you want to fool around with. I've been icing, doing eccentric stretches off the steps, and using the TP Therapy Total Body Kit Footballer. I'm nervous. I haven't run since Wednesday - just an hour on the elliptical yesterday.
I'm also signed up for a Half Marathon in Boise, Idaho on July 12th!
It will be my 20th Half Marathon in completing 50+DC.
I hope my achilles won't give me anymore problems - 
'cause I have my heart set Boise, possibly California, but most of all

Have you ever had achilles pain?
If so,
What did you do about it?
Train Smart Today!
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