Friday, August 29, 2014

Snacks and Superfoods

I definitely have some post-worthy snacks 
to keep the hunger pangs at bay.
Training for the NYC Marathon, my mileage has been steadily increasing every week. I find I'm more hungry between meals - could also be I'm just bored of studying for my Registered Dietitian exam and snacking is a welcomed distraction.
My three favorite go to snacks:
Frozen grapes: They're simple, refreshing, have a high water content (GTK for running in the summer), packed with protein, vitamins A & C, some potassium and iron.
Plus they're always fresh!
Yogurt: This is my #1 post workout/recovery/snack food. Mix in a couple of blueberries for anti-oxidant power, some gluten free granola - a prebiotic for the yogurt's probiotic, and some hemp hearts and walnuts for the anti-inflammatory Omega-3's. Yogurt is such a great food. Besides the goodness of the probiotic - a must for tummies post run, yogurt is also a great source of calcium for healthy bones - especially for those who do not (maybe cannot) drink milk.
Do you think they'll sponsor me?
Veggies and Hummus: Cold, fresh summertime veggies are perfect alone, but adding a bit of hummus adds fiber, protein, healthy fats, and a powerful vitamins/mineral combo - folate and iron, which are great for making healthy red blood cells -  a must have to carry oxygen efficiently when running!
Love hummus with carrots!
As for Superfoods - I think they're all super! Don't get caught up in the superfood hype. Eating a variety of whole foods, mostly plants, should get you all the super you need ...

So, what are some of your go to snacks?
Train Smart Today!
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