Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Run to Never Forget!

Last week, I received an email from Tuesday's Children 
about Jeremy Boyd
Back in 2012, Jeremy Boyd came up with the idea to run from the Pentagon to The World Trade Center Memorial. Since then, he convinced his wife and family that he could do this, planned his course, and started training! In the beginning of this year, he suffered through a few injuries, and didn't know if he would make the 240 mile expedition. Fortunately in April of this year, he started to feel stronger, and saw that this idea was really possible! It was going to happen!
But why?
Why would anyone want to run 240 miles?
Jeremy wanted to make a difference!
He planned 
to give back.
Any monies Jeremy raises he will donate to
The Special Operations Warrior Foundation
Thank you Jeremy!
I think you will find you made a great choice giving to 
Tuesday's Children ...
Both of my children have been involved with Tuesday's Children.
They participated in the "Helping Heals" Program and helped build houses after Hurricane Katrina. Tuesday's Children partnered with Habitat for Humanity to instill a sense of "Paying it Forward". They have taught my children that when someone helps you after a tragedy, it is your responsibility to one day do the same for others. 
Also, both my daughter and my son 
participated in the Tuesday's Children Program, 
Project Common Bond
They are friends with children from all over the world - kids just like them who are victims of terror attacks. My children have learned that the terror groups do not represent what the people, families, and children of these countries want. They know, through conversations with their friends, they not only share a common bond, but also a common desire for peace.

In that email from Tuesday's Children, there was a question:
Would anyone would like to run with Jeremy?
How could I pass an opportunity like that up?
Of course, I gotta meet Jeremy!
I reached out to him this week and ...
I am running the last bit of the run with Jeremy
From Pier 11 to the World Trade Center Memorial!
I can't wait!
This is very exciting!
Go Jeremy!
Run Strong!
Train Smart Today!

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