Tuesday, October 28, 2014

So, Anxiety is Good?

It's the count down for the 
New York City Marathon!
Just the thought of running twice 
as far as I'm used to is unnerving to me!
So much so that I wake up from my sleep because I'm tossing and turning thinking about the marathon. Last week, I woke in a full sweat - and this time, it wasn't due to menopause (sorry guys!).
I had a dream!
No, I had a nightmare!
There I was - at the start of the NYC Marathon - right there on the Verranzano Bridge. I look down at my feet, and I see I'm wearing sandals. Not just any sandals, either. These sandals are way too small and they're cutting into my feet. I start to panic. I think, 'OMG! What should I do? I can't run 26.2 miles in these tight sandals. I know, I'll take them off. OMG! What am I crazy? I've never run barefoot before! How am I gonna run 26.2 miles barefoot?'
I call Side-Kick on my cell.
Where my cell came from - I have no idea. 
"Ron, you gotta come to the start (like that's even possible! LOL!). I don't have my sneakers - you gotta bring me my sneakers!" Side-Kick proceeds to tell me that I packed my sneakers in my bag, and that I just need to look in my bag. Okay, I start rummaging through my bag like a wild woman. Oh yeah - and I have no idea where the bag came from either! Rifling through my bag, I finally feel something ... could it be my sneakers? I pull out sneaker #1, then sneaker #2 ...OMG! These aren't my running sneakers ... they're my Converse.
All Star for Converse - yes, but not for 26.2!
If you were in my dream, 
you would have heard my scream 
from Staten Island to Manhattan!
My friend in town tells me (in his most relaxed voice ever): "This is good! Anxiety is good! It will increase your adrenaline levels, which will propel you through the race!"
Okay Dan, I'm trusting you on this one!
So now, I just need to repeat:
Anxiety is good!
Anxiety is good!
Anxiety is good!
Train Smart Today!
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