Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Time for Tiny Habits

I love strength training in the winter. 
By the time the Spring races come - I am ready!
After my recent bout with some Plantar Fasciitis pain - albeit minor to what I experienced two summers ago - I looked into strength training for my feet and ankles. I found the "Mother Load" of exercises for "Feet and Ankle" workouts/videos at Runner's World Feet and Ankle.
There are so many exercises here!
Actually, there are too many exercises. The site is overwhelming! I started to think, "How would I ever fit these exercises into my already jam packed day?" Then I went down that ugly road ... Face it, you will probably never ever break your PR you set two years ago....

Then a lightbulb went off:

I thought of this site I stumbled upon last week: 
Tiny Habits was founded by Dr BJ Fogg, a behavioral therapist from Stanford University. He came up with a Behavioral Modification Program to help create new behaviors. He says that people will change their behavior when faced with three things:

  1. An Epiphany: In my nutrition practice (beyondnutrition-rdn), I call this the "Wake-Up Call". This is the person who has had a recent heart attack or just got back his/her cholesterol, blood sugar, or blood pressure values. For me, it was my plantar fascia pain - the pain was enough to motivate me to look up those exercises on Runner's World - but is it enough to motivate me to do them? There were so many exercises! I'm not feeling motivated, I'm feeling overwhelmed! 
  2. A Change in Environment: A move or new job are obvious environmental changes. How do I change my environment to get rid of my plantar fascia pain? (Insert another "LightBulb"): Got it! I will put my Original Medi-Dyne Pro Stretch and Foot Rubz by my gym bag. This will remind me to stretch and massage before I even go to the gym to tackle any of those Runner's World exercises!
  3. Tiny Change: To me, this is the most important step. This is the step that says, "Hey Half-Crazed, take a breather. You don't have to feel overwhelmed because you don't have to do every single exercise listed in that Runner's World site. Girl, calm down - just pick one and do it after you run." I can handle adding one new exercise after my runs. Hey, I might even add two!

Whew! What a relief. My original goal was to strengthen my feet and ankles - not make myself feel bad, like I'd never reach or break that PR!

I love the idea behind the Tiny Habits Program. It's a great way to face the New Year and any grandiose New Year Resolutions I thought about making.
Grandiose is out!
Tiny is in!
I encourage you to visit the site.
If you do,
let me know if you join a Tiny Habits Session
Or let me know - 
What gets you motivated?
Train Smart Today!
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