Thursday, April 2, 2015

Great News!

Lotsa stuff has been happening! 

First, I launched my new website up: - Tell me what you think? This has all been so exciting! I've been involved in some really interesting projects - sports nutrition specifically for adolescent athletes, and I'm booked for a couple of food demos at a local gourmet olive oil company! Did I hear someone say, "Tell me more about the Polyphenols in Olive Oil!" LOL!

Second, I'm signed up for the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon/Half Marathon on April 26th!
Oklahoma Run to Remember
It's 23 days from today, it's my 23rd half marathon, and my late husband was born on the 23rd! As a 9/11 widow, this run and all these numbers are so special to me. They help me feel connected to John. I feel so honored to run in this race. Now, hopefully my hamstring will cooperate!

Onto number Three: Drum Roll Pleeeeeze ....

I have been approved as a Time Qualifier 
in the Chicago Marathon! 
Do You See Those Green Letters? Approved
And ...hopefully my hamstring will cooperate! LOL!

But don't you agree - this is some Great News?
Have any great news you'd like to share?
I'd love to hear about it.

Train Smart Today!

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