Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Hills of St John

I took vacation to one of the beautiful 
United States Virgin Islands:
St John. 

Before I left, I trained on the track with my my Coach . After my work out, he gave me my homework for the week. The week's runs were based on my travel, and the point I'm at in my training for the Chicago Marathon Training. There were two 5 mile runs and a 10 mile run over the course of four days. I questioned Coach, "Really, only 10 miles for my long run?" Coach said that it was vacation, and promised it would all work out for the marathon. Between you and me, I thought I was getting away with one.

I figured I was getting away with something because I thought,  'Heck, I'm by the ocean. I'm at sea level. These runs are going to be so relaxing! On flat land, next to the ocean.' Yeah, I was just a tad off ...
Looking up the first hill I faced every morning
.... this was from the midpoint
This is looking down the other half that I just ran up.
After that first five miles, I thought that I would never survive the long run. Some of these hills were not only exhausting to climb, but they were scary to run down - if you can call what I was doing "running". 
Thank goodness no cars were coming!
I tried to psyche myself up after that first 5 miles. I wondered how could I ever do 10 miles, let alone another 5?
I guess this is where it's good to be half-crazed. 
No normal person would go on vacation and run these hills. Heck, the cars and taxis had a rough enough time getting up and down these hills!
Views and more views
My only source of inspiration: beautiful views. Oh yeah, and I kept telling myself that if I could make it to the top of the next hill, there would be a nice breeze. LOL!
This was so hard to run down!
My phone really didn't do a good job at capturing
all the beauty I enjoyed on these torturous runs
Ran right into the water running down one of the streets in
Chocolate Hole
I didn't quite finish my 10 mile run. I ran about 9.75 miles. I was completely exhausted. When I got back to my hotel room, it looked as if I took my sneakers and dipped them into the pool - that's how much I was sweating during the run! My socks were completely drenched. I felt fortunate that I didn't get blisters! So yeah, besides it being beyond hilly, it was like 85-90*F.
The Sunset Cruise was a welcome and relaxing event that I enjoyed later that day:

How's your summer training going?
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