Sunday, November 22, 2015

I'm a 261 Fearless Ambassador!

It all started last month, when I went to my local Montclair Fleet Feet Special Speaker Meet-Up. I had heard of Katherine Switzer, and always thought she was pretty cool - but to hear her story, from her own lips was quite inspiring, and emotional.

Katherine Switzer is the woman behind 261Fearless.
Katherine was the first woman to run the Boston Marathon. She entered as K. Switzer. Back in 1967, women were not allowed to race - but just like you and me, when someone says you can't, even if you say you can't, there's a part of you that wants to say,
And that's what makes Katherine's story so emotional - we can all connect to someone in our lives who told us we couldn't do something - even if that someone was ourselves! Instead of listening to those negative thoughts, Katherine was motivated by them: she was motivated to train, and she was motivated to run - even if it were illegal!
Her bib: #261!
While she was running, 
The race director found out, and tried to push her off the road!

Katherine's teammates helped to push him away. As you can see. the news media caught it all. Katherine knew she had to finish, for all women, everywhere - to prove:
You can learn more about Katherine's beautiful career as a runner HERE. Now, as she readies herself for the 50 year anniversary of when she ran Boston, Katherine has developed the non-profit organization, 261Fearless. 261 Fearless is a global community of women (walkers, joggers, runners, from the front or back of the pack), who have found strength, power, and fearlessness from putting one foot in front of the other. We are a community of supportive, and respectful women who want to take on their personal challenges through running or walking. This community embraces and respects our differences be they religion, ethnicity, language, body-type, or athletic ability by connecting through social media as @261Fearless, through closed social channels, and personally in our home communities, clubs, groups, and events. 
As a part of this community, 
you know, 
you are not alone. 
So, if you are a female runner, or want to be, come join me in the 261 Fearless Movement! If you are already a female runner, you know how empowering running can be, and how you can use that power to overcome obstacles, challenges, and set-backs in your lives. If you are thinking about joining us female runners, I encourage you to run with us. Running will empower you, and help you face other life challenges with a sense of strength, courage, and confidence.
Together we will run strong, 
we will run fearless ....
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This month, 
We are helping each other prepare for running in the dark,
now that the days are shorter.
Check it out: 

I can't wait for you to join me!
Train Smart Today!

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