Sunday, November 8, 2015

You know Your a Runner When ....

When I was running in the Chicago Marathon, I passed a person who was on the "sideline" holding a very large cardboard sign. The sign read:
"I will never do what you are doing!"
I remember laughing so it must have been early in the race - there's no room for laughter in those last 6 miles!
There are those who run, 
and those who don't -
and as runners,
we don't understand why everyone doesn't love to run..

Maybe it's that runners have a different outlook on life. If you've ever been bitten by the marathon bug - you know, running becomes a lifestyle. You totally morph into someone driven to log an insane number of miles from week to week. And even though everyone has their own "Why", there are some things that we share. Hence the post.

You Know Your a Runner When You ....

* You promise yourself in the last few miles of a marathon that you will never ever make yourself run ever again if you just finish - and even your beaten down 22-mile conscience laughs in your face!
Chicago 2015: Keep chugging, girl ...
And keep making those ridiculous promises!
* Open your closet and have at least a dozen pair of running sneakers
* Open your closet, and can easily categorize these sneakers as:
  • First pair of marathon sneakers – will always have a special place, and never get donated
  • Retired faves that are good for knockin around, traveling to races, picking up race packets
  • New, new faves that you only wear for track days and long runs, but never if it looks like even a sprinkle of rain
  • New sneakers – not your favorite – okay to wear if it rains
  • Free and light support – there for recovery runs when legs, acchilles, and feet are feeling strong
  • Cushioned galore, and super supportive for recovery runs or days when you and your legs, acchiles, hammies, and feet need extra tender loving care
  • Retired and ready for donation
* Plan your Saturday nights, so you can make those early morning Sunday long runs
* Get antsy planning vacations, thinking when, and where you can squeeze in your runs
* Think of your strength training, stretching, foam rolling, and running routine as a part time job
* Will pee just about anywhere during a run, and think this is really okay.
* Carry a tennis ball, lacrosse ball, and massage stick with you wherever you go - car, work, bedside.
* Read Runner’s World Magazine from front to back.
* Have tried running "unplugged"
* Have at least one AC/DC song in your repertoire when preparing for a marathon ...

* Get teary-eyed at an expo when you spot elites like Kara Goucher, Shalane Flannagan, Meb Keflezighi, or Dickson Chumba
* Own several books on running: Strength training for runners, How to run faster, How to train like ..
* Still get that back to school sick to your stomach feeling on track days
* Have trained using a variety of techniques: speed at the track, on hills, slow runs, negative splits, strides, pick-ups, even the latest greatest "Chi Running"
* Buy Gu from Amazon in bulk
* Have so many race shirts, you enter races thinking who you can give the next shirt to
* Had to buy a wall plaque to hang all your race medals because they were getting out of control
* Planned 4 months of races for the next year, and it's still November
* Watch the weather channel before you go to bed, to make sure all's clear for tomorrow's run
* Know several Bill Rogers running quotes
* Think calf sleeves are actually cool looking
* Have people say, "Don't I know you?" and then they realize they don't know you, they just see you running all over!
* Know how far it is to certain neighbors houses, your local running store, different parks in your town - and for that matter the surrounding towns too -  and can easily answer how far it is to the corner grocer and back ... like about 5.45 miles!
* Are your stuck in traffic think, "I wish I could run this fast."
*Eat, sleep, drink, think running, and
Read this and get at least 98% of what I'm saying!

Train Smart Today!
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