Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Runner Down!

Runner Down! Runner Down!
I think I've been binging on too much "Blacklist"
Seriously, I haven't run since my half in Arkansas last month. Well - if you call the hobbling I did March 10th "running" then I guess it's been almost 1 month. 

I thought the pain I had in my hip would heal on its own - sort of like with my knee and hammy injuries over the years. You know the deal, you back it off, forego a couple of races, stretch, strengthen, roll - and you get back at it.
Not this time. 
No relief - no matter what I did. Physical Therapy, Active Release Therapy, Quitting all Grains and Dairy. Yeah - as for the nutrition - I scaled down the grains, cheese, and milk, big time because in the middle of all of this, my Crohn's decided to rear its ugly head, like a bat outta hell! At least I found some tasty recipes to try out in the meanwhile!
Almond and Coconut Flour Banana Nut Bread!
c/o B3yond Nutrition, LLC
Ok. So - that was Part 1. 
Part 2 is that I went to see my favorite Orthopedist, Dr Metzl at Hospital for Special Surgery in NYC.
Always fun driving cross town to HSS!
Dr Metzl ordered an MRI to rule out Stress Fracture and Sports Hernia. I thought for sure it was a stress fracture. I mean, why wasn't I healing? And some days felt worse than others. I was miserable - and sort of still am. 
Well, it was neither!
No damage seen to my Psoas, Pectineus, or Adductors (All the parts that I read about in other runners' sad stories of things that could cause hip pain). So, Dr Metzl asked me to hop up on the table, again.
He manipulated my leg -
 Nope, no pain when you push like that, no pain when you push like this, Ouch! But YES! TO PAIN When you take my leg, bend it and move it side to side.
I must have looked like a deer in headlights,
What do you think, Doc?
Dr Metzl's got a real cool factor about him, and an aura that says, "Don't worry. We can fix this, and you will be able to run again." Of course, I'm like a moth to a flame! And in that manner - he said nonchalantly, "It's your hip joint. We are going to get you a shot of cortisone in your hip."
Me: And then I'll be able to run again?
Dr. Metzl: Yup! But you gotta strength train. 
It was like music to my ears - two of my favorite things in the whole world - strength training and running. Sorry Coach Joel, Speed Workouts are not my fave! So off I went for an ultrasound guided 
shot of cortisone into my hip joint.
I couldn't work out for three days!
Finally, yesterday I did a strength work out in the morning which was followed up with some residual soreness. And today I did some flexibility exercises, along with 11 miles on my Eliptigo. - 
The verdict ...
I'm still walking! No pain, yet. A small twinge twice today, but nothing like what I've been going through. I'm also experimenting with a cell rejuvenation supplement. More on this in the future....
Until then, 
I'm taking it slow, and looking to run maybe towards the end of the week. Keep your fingers crossed!
Train Smart Today!
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