Monday, May 23, 2016

Back in the Saddle

Weeks of rehabilitation, easy runs, and not increasing more than 10% per week has allowed me to get back most of what I lost due to this weird hip injury.

guess the cortisone shot in my hip worked - I'm able to run without debilitating pain shooting up into my hip, but I still have groin issues. It's as if the bottom of my psoas and the inguinial ligament get inflamed and then rub against each other to cause trouble. Mind you PT, Athletic Trainers, Chiropractor, and Mom - it is NOT my mileage that causes the inflammation ... of course it isn't!

At the track, I've been taking it easy - 6:30 to 7:30 minute pace in shorter intervals, and nothing shorter than 200 meters - so no abrupt stops and starts. Today though, was a little more difficult, I did 300 meter repeats, mixed in hill repeats, and then back to the 300 meter repeats. I actually went to do another set of hills after the last set of 300's, and when jogging down from the first repeat, I saw my coach.
He yelled, "Beth, You're done. 
You don't need to do another set of hill repeats - only one set!"  
We laughed! I so grateful - I gave him a big hug!

I know I have more to give, but I'm holding back a bit. I don't want to re-injure myself. I focus on every little ache and pain. I'm really trying to control any inflammation. Before I got injured, my Crohn's flared up. It never ceases to amaze me how much good nutrition plays a part in sport performance. It's not that I didn't eat healthy - I'm a freakin' dietitian - I know what to eat, and what I should eat more of if I want to increase certain vitamins, minerals, healthy fats - blah, blah, blah. When you have IBD, though, you don't absorb your nutrients - you just crap 'em out. I can relate every injury to either a lack of sleep/poor recovery or a Crohn's flare up.

Trying to get Crohn's under control without medicine is not easy - it's all based on food. Now, I'm pretty much following a Pegan Diet - no grains, very little legumes, very little dairy (only yogurt, and some goat cheeses), lots of vegetables, and a little meat protein. Every once in awhile, I will have cravings - but making flour-less bread and my date protein balls really helps to squash my cravings.

The biggest problem is eating out - and not knowing how they prepare something. The last few times I had an upset stomach was directly due to eating out.

Probably one of the biggest helps to curb inflammation include some supplements I take:

  • VSL #3, a daily probiotic - this is a medical grade probiotic, but if you don't have IBD, I recommend Bio K+, Culturelle, or Align. Sometimes I'll take more than one kind in a day, if my stomach is acting up - like after those restaurant meals.
  • Metagenics Omegagenics SMP Active. I learned about this through (one of) my chiropractor(s). I had such great results in squashing my inflammation, I decided to sign up as a Professional Provider, to get the product for my clients
  • Ac-11: An herbal supplement that helps protect your DNA, like an antioxidant, but also helps support DNA replication to prevent errors leading to chronic inflammation, and disease. 
  • Healthy Cell Mutivitamin: I think the most amazing aspect of this vitamin is the incredible restful sleep I get when taking this vitamin. It has 90 supportive vitamins, minerals, antioxidants (including Ac-11),  and enzymes. As an athlete, what really caught my eye was the nutrition support to boost mitochondrial health . Remember from biology, our mitochondria is where we make our energy!

Like the Omegagenics, I decided to become a Professional Provider for the Ac-11, and Healthy Cell. First, I tried them. Over one month, I tried both - I introduced them to my system, and then I stopped them, individually. Without the support of these supplements, I went from some debilitating GI pains and upsets to increased pain and flare-ups - and this was even with following the Pegan diet. What was really noticeable was that with an occasional cheat - or when I'd eat out and not know what they're using - I had fewer problems. Instead of being sick for 3-4 days, I had just one day of irregularity. 
With the flare ups  - comes the groin pain, and the slower training. Taking the Metagenics SMP Active, Ac-11, and Healthy Cell Vitamins, prevents the IBD flare ups, squashes the groin inflammation, and allows me to run and train to reach my goals.
So everyone keeps asking: What's the next state? 
I'm thinking Ohio in June!
What are your healthy goals? 
What's holding you back?
Train Smart Today!
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