Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Listen when I tell you - My Track Workout Today Was Really Tough!

I just have to post how tough my track workout today was. I've told every possible person in my life thus far - so, sorry. It's as bad as a post-race recap.

You know you're a runner when: Everyone around you kindly smiles with that glossed over look in their eyes when you recap your race details. It's like they give each other that look that says:
"Hold on guys, this is gonna take awhile - 
This one was a marathon."

Seriously, I was so wrecked today - so hot and thirsty - even if my new baby grandnephew were here - the new absolute love of my life - I'd steal his baby bottle and drink it down STAT!

That's right Hunter John,
Aunt Beth is truly Half-Crazed!
Talk about Half-Crazed - I so fell in love with this little blob that I was 'running' through scenarios in my head of how to leave my brother-in-law's surprise birthday party with the baby - without having anyone notice. No Joke!
Every time I hugged him tight - he just snuggled in deeper. Aaaah, true love! And for those who know me - we even saw a hummingbird, together! (Thanks, John - I listened when you told me to go over and look. See ... I listen!)

Back to the torture, I mean my track workout. It doesn't seem so bad when I say the workout out loud: I had to run 200 meters at 7-minute mile pace, then 2-minutes at 8:30-minute mile pace, and I had to do this for 30-minutes. It wasn't all on the track - there was one part with a little incline, where I actually wanted to yell to my coach,
"I Really, Really Hate You!"

Seriously, you know what it's like on a hot day to run up an incline, keeping a 7-minute mile pace?

My biggest problem mistake was my inability to correctly pace myself. I was running the 200's at 6:40-minute pace, and the recovery tempo at 8-minute pace.
No wonder the last repeat was awful.
I completely fell apart. I don't know how fast I ran the 200's, but I think the last recovery was like 8:50-minute pace.  And no - I didn't run for 30-minutes. I ran a little more than 26-minutes. A little over 3-miles.

Then like a bigger baby than my new baby grandnephew ( I just love saying that), I started to cry. Mind you, I finished in the parking lot, where everyone was dropping their children off to summer soccer camp. Kids were getting out of mini-vans like, " Ugh, I don't think today is a good day to play soccer Mom/Dad. Don't you think we should go home?"

You know your a runner when: You make ugly faces - either when running or when finished with your runs - and those faces scare little children.

Needless to say, my track workout was really tough, today.
Train Smart Today!

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