Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Power of Running To Inspire

This post is a big thank you to John and Dawn Fabbro of the Montclair Fleet Feet store for nominating me as one of three runners who inspire others through the Power of Running

At first when John explained what the Power of Running was, and that he wanted to nominate me, I felt sick to my stomach. I really didn't, and still don't, feel that I have done anything great - especially not something that was to be honored publicly. I wanted to accept this great honor, but at the same time, I wanted to say, "Oh, that's very nice, but I don't think I'm the person you are looking for." Then, I thought, "Wait. Isn't this why you joined the 261Fearless organization? Isn't this why you love what Kathrine Switzer stands for?"

Then, I was off in la-la land thinking how great it would be to inspire, people of all ages, genders, races, colors, religions ...." 
I think that's when the Dreamweaver song 
started playing in the background.

I have known John longer than some running/sport clothing company's have been in business! These clothes (yes, I still own and wear them) will probably outlast me! He, his wife Dawn, and the Fleet Feet staff have created this family-like feel to their store. You walk in, and there is always someone willing to go over and above to help you. Before you know it, there are 10-15 different pairs of sneakers lying all around you, you are still considering trying on more - and they look at you, still smiling, and say, "Go outside and jog in them. See if you like them." Or my favorite, "If they don't work out for you, you can bring them back." Say whaaaaat? What retail store says anything like that? Maybe back in the 1950's ... But nowadays, no way.

For these reasons, anytime I am counseling someone in their nutrition, they've taken those first steps to fast walking - and next session tell me, "I'm thinking of incorporating some jogging." I tell them, 
"Go to Fleet Feet, they'll fit you for sneakers"
Well, of course after my heart does like a little leap, and flutter, a new runner? Really? Pinch me, please! Did I spawn this ....
Seriously, though - Just starting out? 
Have you heard of the No Boundaries Class?
Really sore from working out? 
Fleet feet carries TP Therapy Foam Rollers. 
Sore feet? Plantar Fasciitis? 
Fleet Feet has the Foot Rubz - you absolutely neeeed these!
Experimenting with different Gu's, Gels, or Nutrition for your half or full marathon? Or Triathlon? Go to Fleet Feet.
They have quite a selection. You gotta try it before you run that race!
And I always say, "Please tell them Beth sent you."
It's nice to know that I am putting my clients in loving, and caring hands.

Fleet Feet celebrated the three nominees last Thursday evening by hosting a dinner at Fitzgerald's 1928 Restaurant. I share the nomination with my partner in track crimes, Rebecca Harris, and someone whom I had not yet met, Jacqueline Murphy-Suarez.

Rebecca has "running class". She would never tell a young child in a race to get out of her way, or grunt at people on the track if they are walking in Lane #1 .... like yours truly has done. She has the patience to see past the moment. She has taught me that it's not about the PR, BQ, or whatever you want - it's about how well you ran your race. You know, as runners, we are so time oriented - it literally can ruin my whole weekend, if I didn't run the time I had set out to run - these crappy time feelings can last a few days, but I always try to remind myself to focus on 'What would Rebecca think?'
Yeah she's a Mom of three, loving wife, was hit by a car, 
had her hips crushed, her arm broken, 
is a professional violinist (who needs her arms!), 
couldn't walk, and now she runs marathons - 
But to me, and at least as I have her in my cell phone, she is Rebecca Runner - a beautiful woman who has taught me (and is still teaching me - yes I confess to grunting at that little boy at Sunday's 10k) the subtleties of running your race.

The other nominee,  Jacqueline, was absolutely amazing. 
First of all, she used her iPhone, with some bullet points to give a wonderful speech - whereas I had everything typed out on pages and pages in like 16 font so I could read it and not lose my freakin' place! 
What stood out the most was her honesty, and wisdom - how someone at that young age could push past social stigmas, and become the Coordinator of a Homeless Shelter for 18-21 year olds. She told her story of how she inspires these young teens and adults to run, as a way to build their self-esteem, confidence, and empower them with something I'm sure they have a hard time doing - dreaming.
By finishing a race, they can dream,
'If I can do this, what else can I do?' 
She explained that some of them ran in jeans, and work boots - there are no fancy, matching running outfits here. There is just someone, Jacqueline, who has faith in their ability to reach their goals, and uses their ability to run a 5k as the foundation for them to have hope for a future - one which they realize they have some sort of power over.
Dawn Fabbro, Mizuno Rep (Sorry Dude, I forgot your name!), Rebecca,
John Fabbro, Me, and Jacqueline,

It was truly an honor to be spoken of in the same light as Jacqueline, and of course, Rebecca!

Some other cool points about the night, Mizuno gave $750 to Fleet Feet for the charity of their choice, which was the Doug Williams Scholarship. Doug was killed in a hit and run in 2001. He was a member of the Essex Running Club and his memory is honored with the scholarship.

Mizuno and Fleet Feet Montclair also gave each nominee a pair of sneakers. I could not wait until I got home to open the box and hold my new Mizuno sneakers. I ran my first marathon in a pair of Mizuno Sneakers! They are my favorite brand because they give me 'just enough' support.
Oh, boy! Here's the box!
Got that feeling, like I'm a kid and I'm about to open that one present I was hoping for ....

Dream Weaver is starting to play again in the background ...
Loving the Certificate:
The Power of Running to Inspire! 
A little teary eyed!

Aaaaagh! The fresh smell of new sneakers!
Ain't these beautiful?
Thank you again, Fleet Feet Montclair and Mizuno!
I am so thankful to be recognized as someone who 
inspires others to keep moving forward, 
one step or moment at a time, 
in spite of what tragedies, struggles, disappointments, or set-backs one faces in life.
As my late husband would say, "You gotta keep lookin' up, man
 - you gotta keep lookin' up!"
Train Smart Today!
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