Saturday, April 19, 2014

Two Award Update!

Remember I said that I self nominated myself for a dietetics award, 
Well, you're looking at the winner!
I will get my RD, one day!
Cool, right?
I also won another award this past month. The Essex County Running Club had its annual meeting. The President emailed me: 'Are you going? You won an award!' 
I did?
Of course I'm going!
I want that award!
My First Ever Essex County Running Club Award!
So, this is the first time I've ever heard of the "PLP". 
I hope I don't screw up the definition, but this is how I understand it .... You know when you see "age-graded results" on your race time, and think, "What does this mean?" 
Well this is the PLP: Performance Level Percentage.
Awards for older runners (that'd be like me) are in the form of age groups.Well, lots of older people are running these days - so an age graded system was developed. In 1989, the World Association of Veteran Athletes (WAVA) developed the first age-graded tables in one-year age increments. The tables are composed of world class standards as a function of both age and distance.
So, for every age starting at 8 years old to 100 years old, 
there are standardized tables for every long distance running event!
Who knew?
Using the information in the tables, it is possible to determine your age-graded time and athletic performance level, PLP. The classifications for PLP are:
100% = Approximately World Record Level
Over 90% = World Class 
Over 80% = National Class 
Over 70% = Regional Class
Over 60% = Local Class
For a local 8K run I participated in this past year, my PLP was 72.6%.
Regionally, I guess I did alright!
I was very honored to have won the award, but I must admit my heart sank a tiny tad when I found out it was for an 8K, and not a Half.
PLP Winners!
The best part about the night was spending it with such a great bunch of runners!
Thank you Essex Running Club!
July 1st starts my NYCMarathon training 
- and I will be looking to log some miles with all of you!
Train Smart Today!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

I'm In!

And I got my badge to prove it!
Through All Five Boroughs!
So, I nominated myself for a dietetics award. No, I'm not that full of myself. It's a self-nominated award.  I worked really hard on my essay, e-mailed it to the directors of the internship, worked out some kinks, and by midnight March 18th, it was in! By that time I was exhausted, having worked all day, and nervous about my submission for the award, I thought, I will look at the NYCMarathon website tomorrow.
March 19th:
Woke up. 5:30am. Got my coffee, went over to my computer and brought up the NYCMarathon webpage.
March 18th was the cut off! 
I was in tears.
How do I get in now?
I was like Pooh ...
I know ...
I'll run for charity!
I quickly e-mailed the one charity I knew I would want to run for: Tuesday's Children. For every Half-Marathon I run, I donate to Tuesday's Children. It's a great organization that has pioneered a program called, Project Common Bond. Project Common Bond brings teens, from around the world, who share a common bond - the loss of a family member due to an act of terrorism or war. Because of this program, both of my children have friends who live around the world. The teens learn how to rise above acts of discrimination and hate, and how to be ambassadors for a better tomorrow.
Tuesday's Children quickly got back to me:
All NYC Marathon spots were sold out!
... more tears!
But they gave me some good advice. They said that the people at the NY Road Runners were wonderful. They suggested I call them and explain what happened. So, I did. After leaving a couple of messages (okay so I left 4 or 5) I finally got in touch with someone. They basically said ...
You're SOL!
... and more tears.
Then, after a couple of days, I got a phone call. Someone asked if I would like to enter my name in the NYC Marathon Lottery. Well, yeah! All I had to do is prove that I ran 1:41 or better in 2013. I panicked. Last year was an awful year for me. I struggled through that miserable proximal hamstring pain that crippled me every time I was faced with any change in elevation. I had two races though, both exactly 1:41! Okay! I was in the lottery!
I was in the NYC Marathon Lottery!
They told me to check my email in a few days!
A man I was working with these past 
three weeks kept telling me:
"The Power of Positive Thinking, Girl!"
"You Gotta Be Positive!"
(Thanks, Charles)
March 26, 2014 
I received this email:
I'm In!
This is sooooo exciting!
Have you ever been tremendously excited to enter a race?
It means so much to me to run this race.
I'm a little nervous, but more than anything I am psyched!
Train Smart Today!