Friday, January 23, 2015

Weight Management with the Spiralizer!

Yes, my new favorite kitchen tool!
I heard about Zucchini Pasta, but I never ate or made it before. With my son trying to manage his weight throughout the 2015 wrestling season, I thought it was about time I tried my hand at some Zucchini Pasta.
Turns out - it's pretty good! 
It's a great vegetarian meal to work into your weekly repertoire or Meatless Mondays.

So this is what I did:
Thinly sliced 1/2 yellow onion.
Diced six cloves of garlic.
Using my 12" skillet, I fried the onion and garlic in a little olive oil (two turns around the pan) with about 1/4 cup low sodium vegetable stock. Fry until onions are transparent.
While the onion and garlic were frying, I Spiralized two zucchini (with skin)
I chose the next to the largest Spiralizer blade
to keep the zucchini in tact once I tossed it with some sauce.

As I Spiralized, I put the zucchini in a big pasta bowl. This way I'm not using more than one bowl (easy clean-up) to which I will also add my sauce.

Next, I poured one can (28 oz) of Muir Glen Organic Diced Tomatoes, Fire Roasted, into the frying pan. I kept the heat on medium to soften the tomatoes. I smashed down the tomatoes with a spatula every once and awhile to form more of a sauce-like texture.

Once the sauce became a little thicker (cooking for about 15 minutes), I turned the heat off, grabbed my bowl of Zucchini Pasta, and poured the Tomato Sauce over the zucchini. Next, I added about 1/4 of fresh basil leaves that I tore into little pieces (colors your nails and fingers a lovely shade of green!), and served with a little Romano cheese (skip if you want to go totally vegan - but then you may need a dash of salt) and a salad full of of escarole, romaine, and shredded carrots!
Dinner was delicious!

Dinner was served in 30 minutes and clean-up was a breeze!
My wrestler was happy and full!
Took #1 in this Early Season Tourney!
Do you have a Spiralizer?
If so, 
share - tell me
what's your favorite Spiralizer recipe?
Train Smart Today!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Happy New Year with #SugarShift 2015

If SideKick can have a "Man-Crush" on Drew Breeze,
then I can have a "Doctor-Crush" on Dr. Robert Lustig
And don't laugh, I did keep the email that said, 
"Robert Lustig is now Following You on Twitter"

Dr Lustig is one of several doctors and "SugarScientists" who helped develop SugarScience.Org. SugarScience was created to help advance the health of all people worldwide by exposing the dangers of sugar overconsumption.

One of the big trends in nutrition this year is to lower the amount of "Added Sugar" in your diet. 
What you ask is "Added Sugar"?
Well, it's in 74% of packaged foods!

Don't feel bad if you didn't know that. Food companies want to keep that a secret. After all, food is big business! And sugar is addictive!
Plus, it's hard to find out how much sugar is added to our food. 
Food labels only show "Total Carbohydrates", "Fiber", and "Sugar". They don't tell us how much of that "Sugar" occurs "naturally"  and how much is "added" in. 
What's the difference between:
sugar that occurs naturally in food
sugar that's been added in to food?

Here's an explanation:
Sugar that is found naturally in food is for example, lactose, which is naturally found in milk. Sugar that's added in is like sugar, corn syrup, or high fructose corn syrup added in to make chocolate milk. Food labels and ingredient lists can get even trickier because sugar has at least 57 names - click HERE if you want to learn them ... Good Luck!

So, why all the fuss about added sugar?
Well, for one, it's addictive because it raises feel good hormones (dopamine). Eventually, though, you're gonna need more and more sugar to get that good feeling. This is probably why Americans eat about 66 pounds of added sugar a year. 
And that would be okay, if sugar didn't have an ugly side.
Too much sugar can lead to weight gain, it can attack internal organs (like your liver), increase inflammation in your body, and increase your chances of getting diabetes and certain metabolic disorders. 

That's why SugarScience recently posted a challenge!
Are you up for the SugarShift Challenge?
Start your New Year off right!
Join the SugarScience challenge:
All you need to do is to share some small way you've changed/shifted to live within our 6 teaspoon-a-day limit (9 for men - you lucky stiffs!). 
No big changes.
 Just a small change,
a tiny shift.
You'll be surprised how a tiny shift can add up to big results!
Use Instagram to tell SugarScience about the changes you're making to decrease added sugar in your diet. Need some ideas on how to share ...
  • Switch a soda for a glass of water
  • Replace a cookie for an apple
  • Use a little lemon and olive oil on salad in place of a sweetened store bought dressing
  • Eat some rolled oats in place of sugar sweetened cereal
Post a picture of your before and after foods
Post a video telling SugarScience about your shift
Tag your pictures and videos with #SugarShift2015.

Make it real for your life. 
Then have your friends join you.
SugarScience will give you a shout-out on Instagram and share your SugarShift photos and videos on Facebook and Twitter!
Let's spread the SugarScience message in a tangible way and build support! You might even meet your healthy New Year's resolutions!
Let's do this together!
Tell me, 
what's one small thing you can do this week to make a SugarShift?
Train Smart Today!