Friday, February 13, 2015

Winter Running Blues, Ode to my Treadmill

I think it's fair to say that like most people, I have a love/hate relationship with my treadmill. In fact, I'm not much of a poet - or writer - as you can see by the lack of hundreds of comments on this little blog journeying my account of running half marathons - but, I got nothing to lose, so here goes...

Winter Running Blues,
 Ode to my Treadmill
by Beth Candela

Hello treadmill, my best friend
It's freezing cold in New Jersey again

You face me happy every morn' at five
I'm sorry I look back at you with such despise

I'm wrong I know
To hate you so

You respond, so willing, to my every touch
Incline up or down - your dedication is too much

You deserve more, maybe a washing here or there
Get the salty sweat stains off and show you I care

Instead I pound on you, like I have no soul
Trying like hell to meet my fast twitch goal

Faster and faster, forcing your belt to spin
I curse, all sweaty, refusing to give in

It's not all your fault, you're next to the furnace
Your workouts are hot, like the sun's boiling surface

You know I'm half-crazed, it's late Winter
Endurance running sucks - oh, why wasn't I a sprinter?

Come Spring, I promise to make my peace
When I'm running outside next to the blossoming trees

I will once again look at you and say
You're my best friend, I swear, I love you each and ev'ry day!
My Beloved Sweat Stained Landice
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