Monday, September 26, 2022

State #43: New Mexico

Albuquerque’s Duke City Marathon had its 37th annual event in October 2021. The race is on a beautiful scenic road along the banks of the Rio Grande. You can run a full marathon, marathon relay, 10K and 5K in addition to the half marathon.

Yes, it was yet another race at altitude. It's an out and back course with an elevation profile that ranges between 4,900ft-5,100ft. So, basically, you run slightly uphill for the entire half marathon .... Yeay!

Albuquerque is in the middle of New Mexico. We did not go hot air ballooning ... 

~ You know you are a runner because you like to keep your feet on the ground ~


We did take a drive to the four corners, which was an absolutely stunning drive. We drove through the reservations, which are all basically in a high desert. We saw the largest pumpkin fields we have ever seen. There must have been acres and acres of pumpkins! It took about 4 hours to get to the Four Corners, so when we were driving back, the sky was full of stars. It was quite magnificent!

Driving to The Four Corners

The Four Corners!

Watching the Sun Set Driving Back from the Four Corners

New Mexico is beautiful, but my race results were not quite as magnificent!

My Favorite Duke City Marathon Pic!
Look at Us - We All Look Sooooo Happy!
... NOT!

Here's the 'ole thumbs up, but I am really wiped!

I gave it my all!

But it took its toll on me.

I knew I didn't place crossing this finish line.
I had a full blown race at the end with someone who I think got 3rd in our AG.
She kicked it great at the end.
I tried, but then the cramps kicked in.

Cramping from Crohn's Trying to Hold It Together

I apologize to the volunteer at the end of the race. I basically screamed at him, "Where are your bathrooms?" about 5 times, until Ron showed up and said calmly and audibly, "Can you tell us where your restrooms are?" Ugh - I was so embarrassing!

This race was a tough one for a couple of reasons:
  1. I was trying to keep my Crohn's Disease at bay with major antioxidant supplements - Fall is the worst time of year for me.
  2. My "friend" came to town ...which made my Crohn's worse. 
  3. I got a stye, again. The masks can allow bacteria to build up in hair follicles that surround your eyes. Apparently once you get a stye, you are more likely to get another stye. Since this race in October, I have had 3 more styes and blepharitis! Grrr!
  4. I am getting on in age - so I guess running three half marathons, in three different states, in three consecutive months, is getting to be tough on the legs and recovery.
  5. I was having trouble with my right calf and hamstring - so much so that even before the race, I was having trouble unlocking my leg - and almost fell down the stairs a few times.
The last reason was why I have nor run any races since the Albuquerque, New Mexico race. 

4th place AG

Chip Time: 1:55:27
Pace: 8:49
I placed 4th in my age group!

Since this race, I had knee surgery in January 2022. I started running again in April. I am slow, but I am now up to 11.5 miles. I am aiming for Iowa in November 2022. I think I just may have to settle for placing 33 times in my age group out of 43 Half Marathons. My goal is to finish ... healthy, as my Physical Therapist says. Oh, and yes, I was patient of the month some time back!

Until next post, 

Train Hard,

Run Happy,

Run To Inspire


God Bless America!

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