Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fun in Florida: Post Boca Raton PAL 1/2 Marathon

Florida was a great treat after that freak
October Snowstorm in NJ
It was great to go down to Florida - I got to see my Dad and Step-Mom. They are hysterical - they say that everyone around them "old". Mind you, they are only in their 70's!

The weather was truly enjoyable - especially after spending a week in my 50*F house 'cause we had no electricity!We stayed in Ft. Lauderdale. When we arrived, we had fun walking up and down Las Olas Blvd.! This one cheese store was so cute! I wonder if they really sold "whey cheese" - usually the whey is removed in cheese making. Whey cheeses are brown cheeses and ricotta cheese - they include the whey, which is the part of the milk serum that contains lactose (a good to know for lactose intolerant peeps, since it is often used as a food additive).
My kinda "Recovery" Place!

After the race, we went to Miami for some interesting people and car watching. A must go: The Clevelander in South Beech! I was sooo good - I only had one drink! Okay, my stomach dictated that one!
Wing-man and Mini-man at The Clevelander!
Only in Miami are these old cars restored and kept in prime condition. In NJ this car would be destroyed by the snow and 1,000 of pounds of salt they pour on the street!

More people watching ....
Can't really see the Drag Queen Strutting her stuff in front
of this restaurant - she was pretty entertaining
- as was the guy in the pink shorts on the left!

Next stop ...of course, The Hard Rock in Hollywood, Fla. Lots of walking around Miami after my Boca Raton Pal 1/2 helped to "milk" all that lactic acid out of my sore, stiff leg muscles.
What do you do to help your muscles recover after running a race?
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