Monday, May 25, 2015

Georgia Pre-Memorial Day Half Marathon Run

My 24th state! 
The Pre Memorial Day Half Marathon in 
Snellville, Georgia.

I needed to get a flat run in and I hadn't run in Georgia yet.
So, with no time between my growing Nutrition and Wellness Business (Beyond Nutrition-RDN), and working part-time as a Registered Dietitian at Kessler Rehabilitation Center, I searched the races listed on the 2015 Half Marathon Race Calendar
Ech, I waited too long to register.
I procrastinated because I've been running with a right leg proximal hamstring strain, super tight calves, and swollen achilles/ankle. I waited too long and so when I tried to register, the Pre-Memorial Day Half Marathon in Georgia was closed. I have no races planned until September and October - this was my only free weekend and the only weekend before my daughter's summer classes start. I was hoping it could be a short Mother/Daughter get away.
I reached out to the race director, Deborah Montgomery!
Asked if I could run in the race.
She was awesome - and extended registration!
I was in!
Juliette and I flew in on Saturday, tooled around Atlanta, and ate lunch at Cypress Street Pint and Plate.  It was either really great or we were starving, or both! Next, we took off toward the Stone Mountain Inn at Stone Mountain Park in Georgia. The hotel was beautiful, and Stone Mountain Park was really nice - lots to do - especially for families! I immediately regretted not planning on staying longer! Check out this quartz and granite outcropping, it's part of the Appalachian Mountains:
There's even a carving of the confederates on horseback.
Robert E Lee, Stonewall Jackson, and Jefferson Davis
are blasted into the other side of the mountain!
Jules and I planned to take the Summit SkyRide up to the top after the race. Yeah - there's no way I was going hiking up this mountain after a half marathon.
Speaking of which ...
The race was adorable. It was a local race. You ran around Lenora Park, which was very pretty and nicely paved. But I'm not kidding - you literally run around and around - five loops and then there's an out and back. Each time you completed a loop, you stop at this one water station, which was also supplied with Gatorade. When you stop in and grab your drink of choice, the volunteers check your bib, and let you know when you need to run your out and back.
It was a great, little, no frills, local community half marathon.
There were no bells or whistles. No screaming fans - actually other than the other runners in the race cheer you on. You run this if you're Half-Crazed and trying to complete a half-marathon in every state, for the raw love of running, or you have been motivated as a community member to get up and move! And for this, I applaud Deborah Montgomery and her volunteers for organizing this race - because they are helping to motivate the people in their community to get up and move!
And as I posted on my Beyond Nutrition Facebook Page:
I wish you all a Happy Memorial Day!
Let's remember and honor those who fought 
and died for for our freedom, 
but let's also not forget the top things killing Americans:
Poor Nutrition,
Way to go Deborah Montgomery for providing the "get up and move" motivation to the people in your community and surrounding areas! keep moving people!
And even though I tried to move as fast as possible,
this was not one of my fastest half marathons.
I pushed as hard as I could but after about mile 9,  my right hammy was on fire, and the pain started to shoot up to my periformis. Even so ...
I took 3rd overall!
Pre-Memorial Half Marathon
Georgia, State #24
Almost 1/2 way done!
I haven't planned any races for June. For weeks, this hammy pain was really bad. In fact, I saw Dr Metzl this past Tuesday. He basically told me I have no "arse" - great hammies, great quads, and calves, but no butt!
Baby Ain't Got No Back!
So, this is my new theme song: 

Gotta concentrate on my butt strength, like the ones Dr Metzl lays out in his book, Running Strong
Have you heard of this book?
Have any of these exercise helped you?
Train Smart Today!
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