Monday, October 5, 2015

Anticipating the 2015 Chicago Marathon

Well, I haven't blogged much. I've been so busy getting my business, B3yond Nutrition, LLC, off the ground, working per diem as a clinical dietitian at Kessler Rehabilitation Center, and training for the Chicago Marathon.

Training for a marathon is like having a part time job. All of you who are reading this, and have trained for a marathon know what exactly I'm talking about. It's not just about the running - there are lots of moving parts. And, I'm not a spring chicken - which makes focussing in on those moving parts really important.

From the moment I get up in the morning, I'm planning my food, strength training and/or going for a run. Next, I gotta plan for what I've gotta do after my run. This includes stretching, foam rolling - and maybe an extra core workout. Planning continues throughout the day to even when I'm cleaning up after dinner. You gotta plan bedtime - and get in at least 7 hours - just so you can recover, and do it all over again the next day - but with even more miles!

It's been intense lately, and sorry Ron, I haven't been much fun to be around. I definitely feel like this guy (don't look like him, but just wait a few days!):

And I know I'm not just annoying to Ron. I gotta give a shout out to Ryan and Fedelma - they helped me push through that last 20+ miles two weeks ago. I was grunting, moaning, praying, counting - I had to be getting on their nerves 'cause I was definitely getting on my own nerves!
How many of you count when your miles get high 
or when track work out gets intense? 
What's up with that? 
Like how many times can you count to ten, or count five sets of four? 
Or whatever?
Well, the training is behind me. I'm just going to freak out on the inside for the next couple of days. Coach wanted me to run six miles yesterday. What the heck is six miles on a long run day?
I'm sorry Coach, I had to run more ....

 ... Shhh! Don't tell him, but I did 8.5 miles at tempo pace.
You just don't wanna see how crazy I can get!

And sad, but true ...

Yesterday, I cleaned the garage, weeded the garden beds in front of the house, cleaned and filled all the bird feeders, cleaned out three kitchen cabinets, a linen closet, and a storage room in my basement. 

Oddly, I was a tad surprised when my little heart jumped (for what I think was joy) when Coach said,

"Congratulations on getting into Boston! 
Training starts January One!"

Train Smart Today!
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