Sunday, October 2, 2016

Life is What Happens While You Are Busy Making Plans

As my running goals unfold through the 50 United States of America, the 6 World Major Marathons, and all 7 Continents, I have often been faced with the difficult decision to run, or not run.

Unfortunately, I had to pull out of running the Berlin Marathon 
the day before Ron and I were supposed to fly to Germany. 

About 1 week before the Berlin Marathon, I found myself in the emergency room, arguing with a doctor whom I have known for 40 years. See, when I was 13, I hemorrhaged, and thus the first diagnosis came: Ulcerative Colitis. One year later, again - same thing. Then, I was good, just some IBS-like symptoms until about 8 years ago, same situation - but this time, the diagnosis was Crohn's Disease. Same doctor, same butt, different diagnosis.

Two weeks ago, complications from Crohn's landed me in the emergency room with me telling my doctor that 'No Matter What, I am going to run the Berlin Marathon!' He looked at me, with his very dry demeanor and said, "We will try some antibiotics over the weekend, but I believe you are facing X, Y, and Z - and with that, I forbid you to fly."
To which I yelled, 
"No, see, I have plans!" 
Then, he showed his age, and smugly stated a line from an 
old John Lennon Song:
"Life is what happens while you are busy making plans."
Grrr! I so did not want him to be right!

I prayed, I held off with the training, and the running - I tried to sleep - lots of pain - I knew the antibiotics weren't working. Long story short, I succumbed to a certain procedure, had to call Marathon Tours to cancel my trip to Berlin, and postpone my running in the Berlin Marathon until next year ... God willing.

I am thankful to everyone who expressed their concerns, 
and sympathy. 
Most people showed that they were frustrated for me: 
"All that training - ugh! I'm so sorry."

Yeah - it's frustrating to let go of plans to run a marathon  - especially a few days before you are supposed to run, but you know, I chose these goals (read my About Me Page) as a means to stay active throughout my life, deal with life's stress, and the loss of my late husband, John.  So, I don't feel bad that I trained hard - I don't feel that any of it was wasted time - I like to train. I don't mind having to run all those miles again to prepare for next year's Berlin Marathon - I like to run!

It's also important to me to feel that in my tiny part of the world - I can make a difference, and inspire others to run. Over the years, so many people have come up to me and said that I was the reason they started to run, and why they ran a 5K, 8K, 10K, half marathon - and yes - maybe one day I will hear that I inspired someone to run a whole marathon! See, I want to be like that 70 year old lady that inspires someone to develop their own personal fitness goals that lasts them a lifetime.

That's why when my track running partner, Rebecca, showed up at my door after my solemn acceptance of not being able to run Berlin, with this amazing story of how I inspired her to run, after she was in a car accident, facing two big external fixators that held her hips together, and the potential of maybe not being able to walk again - let alone run, I did what anyone hearing that would do ... I cried!

Rebecca told me that after months in rehab (the exact facility that I now work in as an RD!), she would, week after week, make her way down to the track, and watch me train with Coach Joel. She told me she'd think, "I want to run like her, one day". Wow! How do you process that? It's bigger than me. Thank you, Rebecca. Thank you for your friendship, and your inspiring card that was filled with so many beautiful words of friendship, caring, and love. I am truly humbled.

Rebecca's a runner - so, of course she didn't just leave it there. 
Oh no, no, no, my friends! 
A huge challenge came with all those beautiful sentiments!
That day, Rebecca also gave me a gift - for safekeeping.
Her 2014 Boston Marathon Medal.

This is the medal she is most proud of because of all the obstacles that she faced, and overcame, to get to that starting line and run the 2014 Boston Marathon.
After I opened the box with the medal, I had to promise:
One: That I would not lose the medal and that it would be returned! 
Very Important! 
Actually, that was the most serious I had ever seen Rebecca and I'll confess - I was a little frightened by the stern look she gave me!
Two: That I would return the medal when I got one of my own
- a very hard earned Boston Marathon Medal.

Remember, before Berlin, I had trained for Boston and was forced to pull out due to a hip injury. So, yes, I qualified for the 2017 Boston Marathon, and in spite of all the obstacles that I face  -  God willing - I will make it to the 2017 Boston Marathon and run!
Rebecca, I promise, I won't give up on my dream to run Boston,
no matter what I have faced - or will face! 
Who knows - someone may be watching!
Coach Joel, Rebecca, Me!
Train Smart Today!
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