Wednesday, December 19, 2018

State #36: Washington (Again)

Well, I managed to redo Washington State in September and reclaim my Washington State attempt. As you might already know, I attempted to run Washington State last February, Recap: Here The course was so poorly marked, that I got lost. I didn't realize this until I did one loop twice, and saw someone (whom I should have had seen standing there the 1st time through the loop) yelling "Half Marathoners, this way." Of course I freaked out, and asked the guy, "was I supposed to run this way after the 1st loop?" Anyway, Orca Running was kind enough to allow me to enter another one of their races of the entry fee.

So, we planned another trip out to Washington State. Just to interject a little about traveling to a race - it's not an easy feat. I've gotten in sometimes at 9pm, had to get the rental, drive to a hotel, sleep in a bed that sometimes very uncomfortable. get up early, plan my meal - so that my Crohn's is perfect through the entire 13.1, head out to the race, scurry to pick up a packet, line up at 7am, 8 am or whatever, push through altitude changes, and stay focussed. This was easier in my 40's, but heading towards my new age group, at 55, I'm feeling it a little more.
Focus To Finish Strong!
See, my goal was never to just run a half in every state, my goal has always been to place in my age group in every half in every state. Sometimes I've done this - and sometimes I haven't -  doesn't change my goal.
Pointing to my Mercy Band
The Reason Behind My Goal
Loss of My Husband, John A Candela,
Killed in 911 in Attacks on WTC
I ran all summer thinking of placing in my age group in the Orca Half Marathon. I just had to feel that I walked away from Washington State successful.

Second place: Goal Achieved!

It feels good to know that at 1:45:57, 
I would have placed in any age group 35 and older!

Info about the course - 
  • Yes! You do see stupendous views of downtown Seattle, Blake Island, Vashon Island and Puget Sound! 
  • It’s pretty flat, except around mile 10-ish, when you have to climb a small hill (pretty hot at that time) to go over a bridge, turn around and do it again.
  • It benefits a local non-profit: The Whale Trail

Quirky Half Crazed Memories:

  • The Port-O-John line was too long, and I started to get nervous that I wouldn't be able to pee, so I ran off into the distance - found some slope that ended behind a wall. Climbed up the slope - and slid down behind the wall. I started crying thinking that I broke my sacrum .... I thought, "Gosh will I ever be able to finish Washington State?" Yes ...I was fine! Stupid - but fine!
  • I realized I forgot my gels, and texted Ron pre- bag check, who rented a City Bike, and met me on the course at mile 4 with 2 gels - one was the new Maurten's Gel - which I am totally digging - it's been great on the GI (sponsor anyone???)
  • I heard - what I though were seal pups - barking in the distance while running! I did not see any Orca Whales, but hearing the seals barking was pretty cool.
  • I finished, making okay time after flying in last minute, and trying to get used to the time change.
Oh yeah - I did all this while starting a new business, Beyond Cryotherapy, which houses my nutrition business, B3yond Nutrition!
Keep Moving!
Stay Strong!
Run Happy!
Train Hard!
Recover Harder!
Run For Peace!

Always feels good pushing through that chute!

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Black Knight said...

2nd in your age group with a very good finishing time. Congrats!
I hope to come back to run an half on next April.