Saturday, August 20, 2011

Off to the Titusville, PA Pikermi

Are you the kind of person that plans on leaving at a set time, but leaves 2 - okay 3 - hours later? I am notorious for having great intentions on leaving at a certain time, but I never do. My excuse this time:
  • I had to board my Jack Russell
Jig is an Irish Shorty with a broken coat
  • I ordered an iPad to help me on my blogging journey and waited for it to be delivered.
  • It decided to pour rain, thunder and lightening, just when we were ready to leave!
So, we finally packed up Radar Luv and headed for a halfway point between home and Titusville, PA: Danville, PA.

Radar Luv

To me, Danville, PA is very rural. By the time we got there, there were no restaurants open and we were starving. We had, what we call a "what dinner?" at Wendy's. This is actually a big step for me. I would rather go hungry than pay homage to the fast food industry, which has contributed to the "oversizing" of our nation. But, as an amateur endurance athlete, I know eating every two hours is recommended and I should never skip a meal - so you do what you must. At least they have salads at Wendy's - and honestly, with a tiny bit of dressing on my spicy chicken salad - it wasn't all that bad. That's right - there - okay - I'll admit it - it wasn't that bad. Besides chicken is a good low fat source of protein - especially alanine, which I have been concentrating on working into my diet to increase muscle endurance, muscle strength and power.

With dinner out of the way, we were off to the Best Western Plus in Danville, PA for some good R&R:

Train Smart Today!

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