Monday, September 5, 2011

World Trade Center Run to Remember Recap

Yesterday was great. Of course, it started out with me oversleeping and waking up in a panic. The alarm was set for 5:59, but it never went off. I can't believe I forgot to switch the alarm to "ON".

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My hands were shaking. As I rushed to get dressed - I thought, 'What was all that stuff I blogged about this week - something about planning?' Hah! God always has a great way of having the last laugh! least I had my clothes set out, packed my Side-Kick's bag the night before - and bought my fresh Panella the day before for my "Runner's Toast".

"Runner's Toast" is whole wheat Panella, sliced, toasted and topped with about a 1/2tblsp. peanut butter. For those who do not know what Panella is ... I am sorry. No, really, I feel really sorry for you - you are missing out on some great Italian bread.

I am serious about my Panella!


Panella is a round Italian loaf bread which, if you bought it fresh from an Italian bakery and planned to use it for toast or for sandwiches, you would need to ask them to slice the loaf before you purchased it. It is excellent toasted with some jam and a cup of coffee. But, when I have a track work out or a race, I eat it with a spread of peanut butter - so now, my Side-Kick calls it, "Runner's Toast".

Anyway, since we were all either running or walking in the WTC Run to Remember, my Side-Kick made "Runner's Toast" for everyone. I packed our extra clothes, water bottles, my caffeinated Clif Shot Bloks, Wet One's for the Port-O-John experience (yeay) and ran out the door. 

We had to drive down town, park on Water Street and catch a ferry to Governor's Island. It was 7:15 - the 7:30 Ferry was out! I thought, "Okay, calm down, we will go for the 8:15 ferry."

We got to Water street by 8:00AM - but there was no way were we going to make the 8:15 ferry. We ran to get on this very long, Magic Kingdom, Disney-like line. Then, I heard it, it was angelic, a voice, it was calling me, from far away - from somewhere towards the front of the line - could it be - yes, it was my sister-in-law - she was up further on the line - so, without any remorse or conscience - and no looking back - we cut the line! Damn it, I was going to make that 8:15 ferry and run in that race!

Top Level of the Ferry
Even though the ferry was very full, I was surprised at how many more people the ferry could fit. I started to not feel so bad for cutting the line!

Over the past three years, this race has grown. There were so many people on the ferry - both levels were very full.

Bottom Level of Ferry
We settled in:
The Girls!

Mini-man and My Side-Kick
 and took in the beauty around the NY Harbor:

Lower Manhattan
Governors Island is a 172 acre island, about 800 yards from lower Manhattan in the NY Harbor. It was used for about 200 years as a military base. In 2003, the federal government sold most of the island to the people of New York. About 22 acres was declared Governors Island National Monument. The northern 92 acres of the Island are open to the public for picnics, tours, concerts and biking. About 80-acres in the southern part of the Island is undergoing demolition and is currently closed for redevelopment.

The views from the island are spectacular. You can see lower Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty and three bridges: The Manhattan, Brooklyn and Williamsport Bridge. Oh, and you can see Jersey City and Staten Island, too.

Once we got off the ferry, we all had to walk to the starting area.

So we walked . . .

...and walked.

My daughter decided that she wanted to walk with the rest of our family - so my son took her place and ran the 5K with me.
Mini-Man and His Mom
Mini-man and I warmed up - I ran about 1 mile and then together, we did 4 ten second sprints with 20 second rests. Then, we jogged over to the start. 

I took one look back at our forever changed skyline and the new Freedom Tower currently under construction and thought of my husband John - 'like everything I do, John - I will try my best in this 5K, so I can make you proud'... It was an a honor to be with my family - we were all wearing his name on our race bibs - it was a very emotional day, but I felt very blessed to have my family want to participate in this event with me.

Once at the start, a beautiful rendition of The Star Spangled Banner was sung - and, as always, we were off.

Coach wanted me to run a 6:40/mile pace. Even if the weather cooperated, I don't know if I could have pulled that off - it was 85*F and very humid. Although I didn't set a new PR for my 5K at 22:25 - I know one day I will reach my goal time of 21' ... One day, one day.

I was so excited when I saw that I came in 1st in my age group, and took 3rd Overall Masters:
Third Place Overall Masters Female

Although not everyone could join us after the awards, a few of us headed back down town for the Third Annual WTC Run to Remember After Party at Mudville 9.

The Gang at Mudville 9 post WTC Run to Remember
It was a great day, overall! I even got a sort of commitment to run from my nephew - he told me that he was going try to run with me next year! Yeay! I hope so! I told them all, they gotta follow my blog - then they can learn how to ...

Train Smart Today!

... and keep up with their old Aunt!

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