Sunday, October 16, 2011

Terri Roemer Paramus 10K Run Recap

I done good!
1st Place in my Age Group!
Just finished the Terri Roemer Paramus 10K Run and I am happy with my time. It feels so much better to say that after my last, very frustrating 13.1 in Connecticut.

I did not meet my 7:25'/mile pace goal, but I did get close: 7:26'/mile pace. I like the 7:20'mile pace my watch displayed - I think I may need a new watch - I have so so many problems with this watch - but that's another story...

The Terri Roemer Paramus 10K Run was so well organized. They weren't kidding when they said that the goodie bag was chock full of stuff: coupons to Sports Authority, a water bottle, a chip bag clip, a red flashing light for night-time running and coupons galore! Wow!

It felt good to run in this 10K, too - the proceeds support scholarships for graduating Paramus High School students. So far, they have provided over $500,000 in scholarships.

Wow, I hope I can say that one day - I give a scholarship, in my late husband's name, to graduating seniors who have financial need and plan to study either finance or music - two of my late husband's passions in life.

The people in the town were so nice - they were yelling and cheering everyone on - one woman yelled, "Thank you so much for running in this race!" Awww - What great community support!

Even the community businesses lined the parking lot of the Crowne Plaza Hotel and Bonefish Grill Restaurant. There were booths galore: Kessler, Core Fitness, Gold's Gym, Smart Tea, Trader Joes ...

And the other runners were so friendly! I met someone who made my day - she thought (from behind - which makes it even greater!) that I was this 17year old that she sees running around the resevation by where she lives!  Wow! That has to be the greatest compliment ever - she was so full of energy and so pretty - I had to get a picture of her, her husband and their friend ....

The runner on the left is now one of my favorite all time peeps!
I also met some incredible "Masters" from the NJ Master's Runners Association. What a great bunch of people! They had a collage of runners in their group - some of which were in their 70's and 80's - I was in awe at how remarkably young they all looked! Their secret .....

.... You got it ....RUNNING!

There was just one oxymoron to the whole set up and that was the Wendy's BBQ.
I must admit - the burgers absolutely smelled delicious - but at about 19 grams of fat for a cheeseburger - 7 of which are saturated fat - I passed!

Overall, it was great Sunday here in New Jersey - and a great day for a run race!
Stay Well 
Train Smart Today!
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