Monday, July 23, 2012

My Coach is a Grandpa!

If you follow this blog, you know I think the world of my coach. 
Well, for the last 9months, he has been expecting. Ehem ...correction, his daughter has been expecting. Coach has been so excited and it's been rather enjoyable getting to know this side of him.
See, training sessions usually go like this:
Coach: Nooo! (Scowl) I said two times around the track. 800meters. That's1:40 at 400meters and 3:20 at 800meters. C'mon Let's go. (Ugh. When will this girl process two times around the track = 800meters?)
Me (Totally brain glucose deficit): Duuuuh, what pace?
Coach scribbled these paces down for me, about 2years ago.
I'm still trying to learn them. 
Coach is straight forward when it comes to training. There's no room for any sissy-crap. It's a tough workout every Wednesday, at the track. I often feel like a race horse, with snot and spit hanging out of every facial orifice, huffing, puffing and staying focussed in Lane #1.
When track work is done, there's time for small talk and we catch up on the week. During this time, I love to ask Coach about his daughter and how her pregnancy is going. The man's face totally lights up. He goes from 'Stern Track Coach' to a 'Softy' in seconds flat .... 'Oh, she's doing great. We heard the baby's heart beat. My daughter gained another pound' and my all-time favorite response of his 'You know I'm buying my Grandbaby her first Nike sneakers! Little pink Nike running sneakers!'
Well today, at 9:32AM, Ellie Grace was born!
Congratulations Coach!
All of God's blessings to Ellie Grace, you and your family!
I hope to get a picture soon, so I can share here on my blog!
Until then ...
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