Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thursday at the track: 3mile test

I guess my last few runs prompted my Coach to see where I stood, so today, after a slow 2mile warm-up, and six 21second 100meter strides, I ran 3miles on the track.
My goal pace: 7:20.
Talk about self-talking
Yes, I can!
Yes, I will!
I am doing this!
I repeated the first two "Yes, I can and Yes, I will" about a gazillion times, after the first mile. Then, about 2.75mile mark, I added the "I am doing this." 

I had to force myself to repeat, "I am doing this". Like when you have a cavity or need a tooth pulled and have to make a dental appointment. You really don't want to go, but somehow you convince yourself that everything will be fine and it will all work out. You may even envision yourself going through some pain, but then the moments afterward are all types of sugar and bliss and you say to yourself: "I am doing this!" Next thing you know, you're making the dental appointment total denial of what what is really going to go down!

That's pretty much how it was when I was looking down at my beloved Garmin, seeing the 7:30minute pace, but saying, "I am doing this" - ignoring the aching hamstring, gluteus, IT band and heel pain, but hey, on a scale of 1-5, it was only a 2.5, which had no time to register because I was already thinking:
Yes, I can!
Yes, I will!
Then, only 800 meters left and "I am doing this" was the only thing my feeble brain could focus on!
Overall, my 3mile test resulted in a 7:22pace.
Not bad. 
Still room for improvement! 
My cool down was 2more slow miles (~8:50pace), which was really enjoyable after all that pushing!
Love the positive self-talking. It's a great way to 
Train Smart Today!
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