Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Summer Breeze Half Marathon in San Leandro, California

Taking the kids to California to run in the San Leandro Summer Breeze Half Marathon was a blast!
We toured the San Francisco Bay
Yeah kids - be good or it's Alcatraz for you!
Took a ride under the majestic Golden Gate Bridge
Love the Golden Gate Bridge!
Drove down Lombard Street
Heck no we didn't walk up!
Ate mucho grande
Now, this is how you eat bon bons in Monterey!

Visited Google
Sidekick was in Nerd Heaven!
Saw the most interesting Running Store: 
Espresso & Sneakers - Now that's my kinda running store!
Go Zombie Runner in Palo Alto!
Visited with my beautiful, adorable, intelligent niece
who lives in San Fran
Thanks for the flowers, Rae!
Drove out to wine country: Napa and Sonoma

And ran my ass of in my California 13.1! 
It was such an honor to hang with this gentleman throughout the race:
Sir, it was a pleasure running with you!
I asked him his age (61)! Wow! I hope I can still boogie like that when I am 61! At the end he started to slow down a bit - I yelled to him - c'mon, we can't give up - we hafta catch the boy. See right at the turn around, simple as pie, this young boy passed me as if I were standing still and for the next 6.5 miles - I had my eye on that young whipper snapper's back. He had to feel my eyes burning a whole in his white shirt. C'mon, I yelled to my new running partner, let's catch the boy ....

Still trying - even to the end!
Yes, I am passing the boy!
Poor kid - he had no idea he made the end of the race so exciting for me because at 49, my goal for that day was to beat a 16 year old boy.
Yeah - running promotes the pathetic in me!
Pushing out those last few strides - leaving nothing to chance!

Now this is "Runner's High!" 

Woo-hoo, I passed the boy!

I think he's texting his friends that some old lady
just beat him at the finish! LOL!
I took second in my age group running a (meh)
Woohooo,  13th time out of 21 states
I placed 1, 2, or 3 in my age group
Not bad since I couldn't go down the stairs last Tuesday without my knee giving way. Kudos to Dr. Mike - he used the Gralston technique to loosen up my IT Band. Soooo painful - but soooo worth it!
Overall, San Leandro was a blast! My fave for the year!

Do you have a favorite race so far this year?

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