Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Boise, Idaho Fit For Life Half Marathon

 Technically Boise is State #19, but because I ran DC, I keep telling everyone it's state #20.
Either way, I'm almost 1/2 way done!
We flew out on Thursday, July 10th. I'm glad we flew with some time to take in the sights and enjoy a few good meals. With the thunderstorms, we were delayed flying out of NJ and almost missed our connecting flight in Minneapolis St Paul. Finally, around 12:26AM, we landed. It would have been rough coming in that late and running a half the next day. Especially post internship, I've been so tired! 
Mini-Man in the airport at midnight in Boise, Idaho
We stayed at the Marriott in Meridian just outside of Boise.
It was convenient.
I was glad their gym had an elliptical machine
for my recovery work out on Sunday!
The next day, we took in some of the local sights ...food, and beer!
Boise State Capital
Heartfelt Memorial at the Capital
Thank you to all our troops!
Yes I dared my son, and yes
it was really loud!
These Idaho Potato Chips were delicious!
So wanted to keep this glass from
the Battlecreek Alehouse
The waitress at Bardenay Restaurant was so cute! She's from Iowa and she's going to Boise State University. At first she was afraid to move to downtown Boise because it's "such a big city". Boise is great - it's clean, friendly, has great restaurants - mostly owner operated - not the big chains you have out here in the East because no one can afford the rent or taxes, but there's one thing Boise is not - and that's "big". There were no lines for anything, there was no traffic, parking was plentiful - and very inexpensive:
All Day = $10!
WOW! In NYC - just a few hours is $50!
The race started at 7:30AM. So after a day of sightseeing,
I wanted a good night's sleep. 
It was pretty hot on race day, Saturday - lots of the locals were saying that they were surprised the race wasn't started earlier. I think it was unusually hot weather for Boise - it got up to 103*F the day we left!
My biggest complaint 
~ and yes I got my Jersey up and it wasn't pretty ~
There was a tiny sign on the ground at the turnaround.
And who do you think missed it?
Yup, yours truly!
They couldn't have had a volunteer stand there with a cow bell?
I figured it out about 50 meters later. By then, the women I had just, just passed in a bright orange shirt - the one I was set on catching and passing for the whole 6.5 miles - was long gone by then. 
I also thought it was odd that she didn't yell out, 
- but that just made me want to catch her even more! 
When I finally realized and turned around, there were two men running together - they asked me, "Is this the turn around?" I shrugged, "I guess so!" It would have really helped if there was a volunteer there directing people.
Anyway - you bet I kept my eye on the women in the bright orange shirt!
 I was determined to catch ... and pass her! 
I told you  - my Jersey was O-U-T!
It took awhile - but about 3/4 of a mile later, I passed her.
I was so determined!
Another mile and a half in - about mile 9 - people started dropping like flies. They just stopped running and started to walk. I think it was the heat. 
Personally, I wanted to jump the bikers peddling by, 
throw them off their bikes and ride back to the finish. 
The thought of begging them for a ride
back to shade crossed my mind too!
Especially about mile 10 when I started to get some heal/ankle pain!
And then again about mile 11, when my stomach started to breakdown. You would think that would get me to run faster ...so I could get to the bathroom! Nope - my time dropped. I went from running a 7:40' mile pace to an 8:23' mile pace. Even though I thought about beating myself up during those last few miles, I stopped myself because
At the start of this race there was an amazing gentleman
 - he was racing in a wheelchair. 
I wanted to stop and hug him and tell him how awesome I thought he was
- but all I could muster was, 
"You're amazing Dude. You're an inspiration!"
"God Bless You!" 
How dare I be anything but grateful for being able to work at my goal of finishing a half marathon in every state. And this time it was on this beautiful path through a "greenbelt" (a paved path) into the Julia Davis Park next to the Hawks Memorial Stadium and the Boise River.
Skies were beautiful and clear on the way to the race!
Hawks memorial Stadium was a great host
I got to spend an extended weekend with my two favorite men:
Sidekick and Mini-man
And I came in 3rd in my age group!
Cheers Mate!
I'm so grateful to have run in state #20, I mean #19
Train Smart Today!
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