Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Chicago Marathon

I signed up as a time qualifier for the Chicago Marathon!
So excited!
And so the count down to October 11, 2015 begins!

Other than that, I am looking to run a half in April. I'm looking at 
Ohio  - but Side-kick says too cold still!
North Carolina - but I'd hafta run on dirt and you all know how I love pavement!
Nevada - Side-kick loves Vegas, but I haven't presented him with this one yet!

Today I train with my Coach for the first time in two months!
It's been an awful winter here in New Jersey! I'm always cold - so even though it got pretty monotonous running on my treadmill for the last two months, running 10 miles in 9*F weather actually seemed worse.

Even my dog refused to get up and 
go out into the cold every morning!
C'mon Jiggy!
But last few days, it actually hit 40*F!
The snow is finally melting, 
and I'm off to the track!

Train Smart Today!

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