Friday, December 26, 2014

2014 Running Wrap Up

... And what have you done?
Another year over, a new one just begun...

This year was jam packed with responsibilities. Unfortunately, this did not allow too much room for travel, and I only ran three half marathons: Idaho, California, and West Virginia. All in all it was a great year for running because I also ran my very first marathon, TCS New York City Marathon!

I ran a 1:46 in the Fit For Life Half Marathon in Boise, Idaho and took third in my age group. This was 4 minutes behind my goal time. After this race, I promised myself to really take my recovery efforts more seriously. Running and working without paying any attention to stretching and foam rolling leads to chronic muscle soreness. So, I started to go back for Active Release Therapy. I guess you could say I had an epiphany of sorts when I sat down to my post race meal in Idaho! Which I must admit - I was surprised how many great little restaurants were in downtown Bosie, Idaho! I remember one restaurant served a burger made with 1/2 chuck and 1/2 brisket - very moist. I took this recipe home with me, and at my cousin's burger throw down, yeah baby, my Sissy and I served up little brisket/chuck sliders and won best burger taste, and best burger presentation:
Sissy and I won!
Isn't this cake cool, too? My brother-in-law had someone make this for the burger throw down!
All Cake!
I ran a 1:43 in the Summers Breeze Half Marathon in San Leandro, California and took second in my age group. The Active Release Therapy and NormaTec Boot Technology really helped. So did being consistent with my post run stretching and foam rolling recovery efforts. The California Half was very special because I got to reconnect with my niece, whom I hadn't seen in four years! I'm so proud of her! She just graduated from The University of San Francisco and recently got accepted to law school!
WooHoo! Congratulations, Rachel!
In the Freedoms Run Half in West Virginia, I ran 1:43 again, and took another second place age group win. This race was a lot more challenging than the Summers Breeze Half in California. Even though I ran the same pace for both, I consider finishing the West Virginia Half at that time a great accomplishment. The hills were never ending. One really cool thing about this race was that the finisher's medals were all hand made by a local potter:

On this year's September 11th Anniversary of the World Trade Center, I met Jeremy Boyd, who ran 240 miles from the Pentagon to Shanksville, Pennsylvania to Ground Zero. I am still amazed that Jeremy commemorated the day like that. So many people say "Never Forget", but it was like Jeremy performed the words.
Me, Jeremy, and Sissy
Thanks again, Jeremy. It really means a lot to my family and me that you chose to commemorate the thirteenth anniversary in such an outstanding way.
We, of course, remember and miss John every day
I also finally finished my Dietetic Internship, received the New Jersey Dietetics Association 2014 Student Initiative Award, studied my arse off for the New Jersey State Registered Dietitian Examination, which I passed in August - achieving my Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Certification
Finally, I'm an RDN!
Next stop: a new age group - 50 never looked so good! So why not enter and train for the New York City Marathon? And based on all that was going on in my life, Side-Kick requested that I show up at the local Halloween Bash as Wonder Woman.
Flash Gordan and Wonder Woman!
Super Duper Heroes! LOL!
I still can't get over how incredibly difficult the last five miles of the New York City Marathon were. When people supportingly yelled, "C'mon, you only got Two More Miles," I wanted to first tell them to "Shut Up" and then scream, "It's TWO More Miles!" Yeah, it didn't help to know I only had two more miles left.
2014 New York City Marathon
Afterward, everyone was so happy for me. I wanted to finish in 3:33. I was close: 3:35. I was happy with my time since it was so very windy. Still, all in all, it was not the hardest thing I've done in this world (Hint: 3 pictures up!). Nonetheless, it was an incredible experience, and it got me planning on another goal: Running all six of the World Major Marathons.

After the NYC Marathon, Sissy and I ran in our local Turkey Trot, The Ashenfelter Classic (Horace lives here, in town). You bet I ran my arse off for that mug. Ain't no guy with a baby stroller passing me this year! No way, No how!
I ran a 7:17 mile pace in this local 8K.
Not too shabby!
Me and Sissy 2014 Ashenfelter Classic!
Then, I ran home to host Thanksgiving 2014! I must say, the turkey was pretty awesome this year!
Twenty Pounds and Juicy!
I also gave birth!
Well ... sort of!
I'm not really Wonder Woman!
I started my very own Nutrition, Fitness, and Wellness Company: B3yond Nutrition, LLC

So, c'mon guys:
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But, the best birthing this year goes to my niece and nephew. Thank you Jess and Matt for my new Grand Nephew!
Welcome Little Lucas!
I love you , tons!
Oh my gosh - he is just soooo cute!
I actually have three adorable little Grand Nieces and Nephews:
You think they'll run with me, one day?
Even though I didn't make my Five Half Marathons per year this year, I still competed the same amount of miles because of the TCS NYC Marathon! Injury-wise, it was a very, very good year. Of course some aches and pains along the way, but nothing some good nutrition, strength training, and recovery techniques couldn't correct!
How was your year?
What was your favorite race in 2014?
Any new Family Additions?
Train Smart Today!
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