Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Jalapeño Half in Ft. Worth, Texas

There is only one word to describe the Jalapeño Half Marathon:
I had to put off writing this post because I didn't want it to sound like one big complaint. Plus, I wouldn't want to tick off these guys ...
Pre-Race Photo.
I was so unsuspecting!
If I complained through the whole post, I know for sure, lots of runners from this half would have no problem commiserating with me. But, since I wanted to run in Texas to honor my dear friend, Anne, who lost her battle with brain cancer in February, I must uphold her motto: Bark Less, Wag More! So, I will end on a positive! 

First, the dark side ....
* There weren't enough Port 'o Johns, so the lines were enormous! This made me late to the start.
* About mile 2, my watch quit. I hated my Garmin and for the next 11 miles and contemplated ripping it off, and throwing it into every body of water I either ran by or over!
*  My Crohn's reared it's ugly head like nothing I have ever experienced before in a race! It felt like I was running with a charlie horse in my intestines! It still hurts :'(
* There was no water or Power Ade at mile 2, 4, 7 or 9. And it was at least 80*F with 86% humidity.
* The entire race was in the sun - in the dead, hot, heat known and feared in Texas!
* Even though my legs said, "Run Half-Crazed, Let's Gooooooo! What is your problem?" My stomach answered and said, "Shut-up and just hobble along in a doubled-up position, and squeeze that sphincter!" (Yes, my intestines talk, and everything they say is simply filthy!)
* By mile 9, I was really nauseous from the heat and sun. I started screaming at the volunteers riding in the golf carts and checking to see if anyone was suffering heat stroke. I lost it. I was yelling with spit (what little I had left) flying out, "You needed more water stations! It's crazy hot here! What were y'all thinking?"(Like my colloquialisms?)
* I ran the slowest time I have ever run in a half marathon race!
Almost there!
Keep Hobbling!
On the bright side ...
*I met lots of nice people standing on the Port 'o John line. Everyone was super friendly. Of course they were, it's Texas!
* It's lovely not to be tied to a watch when you are running in a race! (Repeat 100X ... could be believable)
* I stopped only for water, Power Ade, and the Port 'o John (@ mile 5). So, you could say that I ran, or at least hobbled, the entire race.
* There was water and Power Ade at mile 1, 3, 5, 6, 8, 10, and 12!
*There was a bit of shade - it was for maybe the first 600 meters of the 1st mile, which was also the last 600 meters of the race! Woohoo!
* I didn't have any butt pain and my legs were strong - they really wanted to move!
* I got the cutest medal for finishing!
Texas Jalapeño Half 13.1 Medal
* Once I resumed composure, I was able to stand a little straighter, change (in the car, of course), and politely ask for a photo!
* I stood tall and proud in that photo, and why not ....
I took 1st place in my age group!
Train Smart Today!
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